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Does surfing continue to grow in popularity?

Surfing continues to attract millions world wide and thousands of newcomers are seen every year. The same is true for spectators, people travel long distances to experience first hand the thrill of competition surfing. Likewise, there are surf schools on every continent that are introducing thousands of people to this sport every year.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity is the media coverage which surfing enjoys which has introduced many people to the sport, this includes those people who are hundreds of miles from the closest beach. This is why one of the first things which people purchase when they come within sight of the beach is a surf board.

There are today surf board manufacturers in most of the coastal on this planet and many of those manufacturing companies and the standard of the baords and surfing equipment continues to grow.

Newcomers should still prepare themselves by doing some research before they go out and purchase their first board.   Unfortunately there are individuals who will exploit peoples lack of knowledge regarding this popular sport.