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Does surfing help you lose weight?

Does surfing help you lose weight? The answer is a definite Yes.  Surfing is just like any other sport, except for the intimidating involvement of large waves and deep bodies of water. But if you like challenges and have enough guts to take on the ocean, then surfing could be the answer. Just like any other sport, surfing involves plenty of physical activity, resulting in burnt calories and stored fats which does answer the question why surfing can help you lose weight. But whether or not you lose weight despite engaging in surfing or any other sport of course, depends on you.

Here are some reasons why surfing can help you lose weight:

1.     Due to intense physical activity, surfers can burn as much as 500 calories per hour. Because surfing is a fun exhilarating experience especially for newbies, hours upon hours can be spent in the ocean, so often you do not realise you are buring calories.

2.     Surfing may look like just a fun ride from afar, but there’s much more activity than it appears. A surfing session can easily equate to an intense gym workout. The act of balancing while riding on the waves demands much coordination between the legs, arms and torso.

3.   The required paddling towards the waves, riding them, swimming after you fall and the simple act of carrying your board to the beach makes for a workout for all the body’s muscle groups, including the neck and feet. It’s a total cardiovascular workout.

4.  Surfing basically jump-starts your metabolism due to its aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Regular surfing visits to the ocean combined with a 30-minute running session will burn calories quickly. Continuous sessions will allow the body to lose weight faster. As well as exercise it’s best to take on a surfer’s diet which consists of:

·       Large salads everyday such as tuna salads

·       Protein consumption of about 168 grams of protein daily though combines solids and protein shakes

·       Fish oil supplements

·       Eating refined carbs (some bread, cookies, crackers, sweet)

·       Staying hydrated

5.    Surfing can actually make the body gain some weight but in a good way through added tone and muscle mass. It’s wanted weight, not the unwanted weight from flab and cellulites. If one should observe, most surfers tend to be muscular, physically fit and have toned bodies. In fact, surfers tend to feel relatively lighter as their toned bodies can handle their weight much better in what’s known as the power-to-weight ratio.

6.     Another added bonus is stress relief as surfing tends to clear the mind through the constant view of the ocean’s horizon, all that fresh air and the concentration of riding waves. Aside from the total body workout, nothing cures the body more than relief from stress.

Guess what, surfing is actually prescribed by doctors at or near surfing capitals. It’s a fun way of burning off excess calories and fats. More fun and efficient than crashing at gyms and having to pay for a trainer. It also allows for socialization among other fun-loving surfers.