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How important is safety and checking surf forecasts when surfing?

It is important to remember safety when surfing, especially when you are going to an unfamiliar beach. Things like following directions by lifeguards and obeying hazard signs are simple actions that can keep you and your fellow surfers safe. If, however, you do get into trouble on a beach with lifeguards, then raise your hand so that they can help you.

You should also look at the surf report each day. Though occasionally overlooked, the surf report provides you with invaluable information. This forecast, when used correctly, can help enhance your surfing experience. The surf forecast contains information like tide times and wave periods. By reading the surf report you can find out what locations are expected to have the best conditions and what part of the day will produce the best waves.

Additionally, any safety hazards, like potential rip conditions can be gleamed in the report. By using this data, you can structure your day, making sure you are surfing at the best time in the best location.