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How would you describe surfing in Bali?

A popular surfing location

Bali has so much to offer to locals, visitors and especially surfing enthusiasts because this is indeed one of the most picturesque places on the planet and then Bali has its own unique culture. The beaches and the surf compare very well with other popular surfing destinations around the world. Many surfing enthusiasts prefer Bali because of the variety of breaks in the surf which provides something for all levels of surfers from beginner to professionals. For those who like to be pampered when they come out of the water there is luxurious health spas available and then Bali is known for its unique nightlife. There are actually those who claim that Bali is the worlds most beautiful surf destination and surprisingly it is not only the locals who say so. The beaches are rather remarkable with the white sand and then there are footpaths through some amazing jungles as well as extraordinary views from cliff faces all over the island.

More than jsut a surfer's paradise

It is not jsut surfing you cna do in Bali, there is also other beautiful and natural cultural sites. Most of the popular surfing spots are located in places where there is breathtaking scenery such as pretty villages, various temples and agricultural areas such as rice fields. There are many examples but one in particular deserves special mention and that is Uluwatu which has a spectacular beach which is actually caves below an 11th century Hindu temple. There are many other special locations such as Green Bowl which has to be seen at low tide because it then represents a bowl-shaped ocean floor from which the surrounding greenery reflects.  Regardless of your budget Bali could almost certainly accommodate you and your family. With a limited budget there is the backpacker options while the luxury resorts await the more affluent surfers.

Bali will surprise you 

Bali has proven itself repeatedly over the years. It can really accommodate anyone and many surfers have come to Bali with just a backpack and a surf board and yet they left these shores with the fondest memories which is testimony to the versatility of Bali. This does not mean that Bali is a pauper’s paradise, not at all, but for those who do not have much money they will be surprised what can be accomplished on a limited budget. However, every possible luxury is available to those who have the means to afford such luxuries. There are some amazing hotels as well as dozens of spas and resorts for those surfers who want to be spoiled between their spells in the surf. It really depends on what you want, if its surfing at all costs whatever it takes, Bali can accommodate you and so can it when you want the full treatment, the luxury hotels, spas and resorts.