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Devon is a wonderful destination that is well known for world-class surfing. With exceptional swells, large barrels, beaches and lots more, this county is the right spot for both the beginners and pro surfers to enjoy surfing in different conditions. As a result of lots of the activities in Devon, it is visited by thousands of people each year.

Why go surfing in Devon

One of the most appealing things about surfing in Devon is the availability of different beaches. Consequently, this destination offers you some of the most exciting forms of surfing that you can get anywhere. Surfing in Devon gives you the kinds of thrills and challenges that make you want to get into the surfing spots and race along the friendly waves.

However, while you are still surfing in Devon, it is important for to understand that the destination is known for having different waves. This can affect your surfing experiences as the waves determine how much fun you can have during your activities. To surf reports and surf forecasts that provide you with shape and size the breaking waves, tides, and weather. These surf forecasts are often provided by meteorologists, experienced surfers, and other professionals.

Perhaps the most essential advantage of getting detailed surf reports and surf forecasts is to allow you to know the right time and right beach to surf. There are times when the surf forecasts may let you know that surfing is not safe. This will save your time and efforts.

The best places to go surfing in Devon

Luckily, Devon is blessed with many great beaches and Croyde Beach is one of the most popular ones. Filled with lots of A-frame barrels and amazing swells, Croyde Beach offers surfs that are relatively consistent for surfers during the winters, summers and so on. As long as you do not go out of your depth when surfing on this beach, your surfing experience is bound to be astounding.

Saunton Sands is an expansive beach round the corner from Croyde. Being one of the best places for surfers, this place is usually visited by lots of people most times. Saunton Sands is a lot slower wave than Croyde.

Just like Croyde, Woolacombe is another beach found in North Devon that often has excellent waves. Irrespective of the level of your experience, you can enjoy exceptional reef breaks and beach breaks at Woolacombe Beach.

Other great beaches that are worth mentioning include Lynmouth, Putsborough, Bantham, and Challaborough.