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How would you describe surfing in Durban?

A holiday and surfing paradise

Durban is situated on the east coast of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. This country frequently appears on surfing lists as one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Many notable surfers come from Durban such as Smith and also Grant Baker. Durban appeared on a recent New York Times list of the top 52 places to go to and one of the reasons for this is that Durban has some of the best beaches not only in South Africa but also in the world.

One the reasons for Durban’s popularity is the weather because even in winter the air temperature hovers around 21 degrees Celsius with a water temperature of 20 degrees. What more can a surfer ask for? Most people visit Durban in the winter because of the off-shore winds which actually improves surfing conditions. Regular Durban surf reports and surf forecasts also help visitors to plan better when they decide to go to the beach.

Protection from sharks

Durban beaches are heavily netted by the KwaZulu-Natal shark’s boards which makes Durban a very safe surfing destination. It is not only the water which draws surfers to Durban, it is also the surfer lifestyle, there is the beautiful promenade that extends all the way from the blue lagoon to uShaka, there is the surf shops, beach café’s and Durban also has some of the best board shapers on the planet.

Durban is popular among thousands of surfers all across the globe. Many surfers get in the water early morning so that they can experience the beautiful sunrises over the ocean and occasionally surfers also encounter marine life such as dolphins and sometimes whales can be seen in the distance. Extensive and detailed surf reports is available online which really helps surfing enthusiast to make the best of a visit to Durban.

Surf forecasting in Durban is highly accurate and keeping an eye on those surf forecasts will help surfing enthusiasts to avoid disappointments. There is no need to miss out on those perfect days.

Beginner friendly

Durban has everything which a surfing professional may expect from a globally renowned surfing destination but it also has several beaches which cater for those still learning the ropes. Just keep in mind that even moderate beaches are subject to changing weather conditions and therefore both amateurs and pros should always pay attention to surf reports and surf forecasts.

Knowing the predictions for the next couple of hours will help surfers to stay out of trouble when riding the waves. Addington Beach in front of Addington hospital has become a popular location for newbie surfing enthusiasts. Surfing in Durban can be a once in a lifetime experience which is why every surfing enthusiast should include Durban on their surfing itinerary.