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How would you describe surfing in Pacifica?

Linda Mar

This is one of the popular surfing spots in Pacifica. Linda Mar is a long beach which stretches over a mile situated between Pedro Point and North point. Linda Mar enjoys some protection from the wind and swell and because of this, this surfing location has become increasingly popular among both newcomers to surfing and those with basic experience as surfers. 

Surfers have been coming to Pedro Point for more than eighty years and many changes has been seen since that time. There was a time when there was a raw passion for surfing even though most surfers did not have proper gear or surfboards. Nowadays people proudly wear the latest surfing fashions while using competition level surf boards. These days there are a lot of women coming to Pedro Point and they are just as committed to the sport than their male counterparts. 

Weather conditions

There are certain times when Linda Mar can become foggy and gloomy and this happens mostly during the summer months and yet over the surfing spot there is always bright sunshine and this is something which never fails to amaze people. Linda Mar can be an exceptionally beautiful place between the fall and spring seasons when the surf is exceptionally nice, the water blue and clear, when the offshore winds are blowing and the hills are green and pretty.

The reason for the climate and weather conditions is because of the valley close to Linda Mar which acts as a funnel for the south and south west winds which can have a large effect on the surf during the winter when there is relative calm along the rest of the coast. The same thing happens in summer time in reverse when the onshore fog winds has some impact on offshore conditions. It is often seen that Linda Mar is nice and sunny while places such as ocean beach is cold and unpleasant.

Other Linda Mar spots

When you travel from the north, the first Linda Mar beach which you will encounter is Round House followed by Wander Inn which was named after a sixties bar and which was frequented by many foolish young surfers. Continuing south people will encounter lots of infrastructure such as luxury toilets, showers as well as parking space. This place is known by two names, Pump house and State Park. Your next stop will be The Creek where a small creek with contaminated water runs into the sea. After that the next stop will be Boatdocks at the south end of Linda Mar. 

Pedro point is a nice little beach community actually constructed into the side of a hill which is overlooking most of the Linda Mar area in the direction of San Francisco. This region is the Palos Verdes of Pacifica where you will see million-dollar Silicon value homes overlooking dilapidated fishing shacks and bordered on the other side by Llama and ostrich ranches.