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How would you describe surfing in San Diego?

Surfing in San Diego is one of the best experiences you can get in one of the best coastal cities in the world.

What makes San Diego great?

The first thing to note about San Diego is its climate. Tired of being cold, wearing too many clothes and snow in general? This is the city for you. Featuring warm sunny days most of the year. Not only San Diego is great for vacation, but it also has the characteristic of having the perfect climate for surfing. Sunny days, light wind and good swells make great conditions for surfing.

There wouldn't be any surfing or vacations at all if there weren't any beaches in San Diego, you know? The city loves its beaches, they're the flagship attraction for a reason. Among the most preferred beaches to surf or just have fun in San Diego are Oceanside with gentle waves and beach breaks as well as Swami's which is slightly more challenging. Arguably San Diego's best wave is Blacks Beach, which is always a great option for surfers and spectators. Note that it's always recommended you check the surf report of the beach you're visiting!

What's the best way to end a day after surfing in San Diego? The best places to stay in San Diego are near the beach and hotels include the Hilton San Diego Bayfront with its scenic views, the Wyndham San Diego Bayside which is literally in front of the coast, and finally, the Four Points by Sheraton which is a little more central with the zoo nearby.  

What makes San Diego great for surfers?

Ever thought of being uncomfortable when there are too many people surfing in San Diego? Are you one of those who enjoys surfing alone to practice your new tricks? Well, maybe you're a low season person. Although it's recommended to always check the surf report on the day you're going surfing, it's also best to know that low season doesn't always have the best weather to go surfing in San Diego and hence why there are fewer people surfing! 

The high season is when the waves are best. The climate, the temperature, the air currents are in the right place at the right time, and the pro surfers in San Diego know this. This period of time occurs mostly between August through November and it's when most people visit the city to have a go in San Diego's waves.

High Season wouldn't be considered high if tournaments and regular events weren't held during this period! The Surf College Cup is one of the main events of the season. It's an event that manages to pull people from all corners of San Diego to the coast so they can watch the event held there. There also are some more local and smaller events like the Surf Challenge or the Surfing Contest held by the San Diego Surfing School. There are plenty of challenges for professional and upcoming newbies to attend to!

But having a 70 miles long coast and using it only for one thing sounds lame, right? That's why Surfing is not the only sport you can practice in San Diego. Kayaking, Canoeing, Kitesurfing, and Windsurfing are ones to mention out of the gigantic catalog of sports available to do in San Diego, but always remember to check the surf report of the beach you're going to!