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How would you describe surfing in Sydney for beginners?

The Australian continent is surrounded by ocean and there are thousands of beautiful beaches which is attracting millions of surfing enthusiasts every year. Sydney is the surfing capital of Australia and there are many surfing schools that exist for one purpose only and that is to ensure that every newcomer to the sport of surfing will have every opportunity to progress to the point where they are ready to compete at professional level, if that is indeed the individuals goal with such training. If not, they will still emerge as highly competent surfers who will be able to advice other newcomer on how to approach this wonderful sport correctly.

Anyone living or visiting in Sydney will find that there are many opportunities for people to learn how to surf safely and correctly. Experienced trainers will always take newbies to places where there are small waves breaking over sand, they will stay away from reefs or rocks which has caused horrible injuries to unsuspecting surfers. This is why surfing schools have carefully selected those safe beaches which is then used specifically for training purposes.

Fortunately, there are many such places in Sydney and surrounding areas. It has been said by some that God has designed Umina beach specifically for surf training purposes and they may well be correct. It is perfectly protected lying against the north east curve of Broken Bay and therefore the considerable power of the open see does penetrate the area. It is only when there are heavy storms in the area that training have to be suspended.

The beach is gently sloping here, giving even the biggest swells ample time to subside before reaching the training area which is the area is so popular among responsible surf training schools.