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How would you describe surfing on the north shore of Oahu?

The north shore of Oahu is popular for its  spectacular surfing history. Even with dark grey clouds in the air on those rainy days the great equalizer is the beautiful blue water and the special waves which are unique to Hawaii.  The North shore of Oahu refers to the north-facing coastal area of Oahu which lie between Kahuku point and Ka’ena point. The largest settlement in the region is a place called Hale’iwa. The area lies in the northern hemisphere and during the winter months there is excellent surfing conditions which results from the swells which originate in the restless North pacific. Some exceptionally popular surfing spots are Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Waimea bay which are popular with surfing enthusiasts every year.

Other popular surfing spots

There is Ehukai beach which is next door to Banzai pipeline which has distinguished itself as one of the top surfing spots on the entire north shore. Because of this it has also become popular as a perfect location for various surfing competitions and another benefit is the fact that is very close to the beach and makes for an exceptional view which favors photographers, judges and spectators. In the opinion of many surfing enthusiasts the north shore is the undisputed surfing mecca on the planet. This is why there is three competitions taking place here every year during the month of December and this is referred to as the triple crown of surfing. The competitions for male competitors is known as the Billabong pipeline masters, the O’Neil world cup of surfing and the Reef Hawaiian pro. The competitions for the ladies are the Billabong pro, the reef Hawaiian pro and the Roxy Pro sunset and these take place on the neighboring island of Maui.