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How would you describe the surf at Jeffreys Bay?

A beautiful location

Jeffreys bay is situated in the Eastern cape province of South Africa and the closest city Port Elizabeth is only one hour away. Jeffreys bay has been globally known as a surfing destination for more than six decades and in fact is often referred to among surfers by its nick name which is simply J-Bay.

It is widely considered to be the second-best surfing destination on the planet. This is because there is so much surf and spectacular swells which is often up to 800 meters long, which naturally attracts very large surfing crowds from all over the world.

Because of the consistent quality of the waves at Jeffreys bay many surfing events takes place here such as the Billabong Pro where local and international surfers compete for the title as the male surfing champion. It is not only surfers which is attracted to the area, because Jeffreys Bay is also internationally renowned for its safe swimming beaches and there are also many other tourist’s attractions in the region.

Surfing schools

Because of the popularity of Jeffreys Bay as a surfing destination there are naturally many people who would like to learn how to surf while vacationing in the town. There are some excellent surfing schools in Jeffreys Bay that has been quite successful in turning scores of newbies into genuine surfing professionals. There are many spots around town which is perfect for training purposes. Training schools cater for everyone, whether they are beginners, competent or professional surfers.

It is even possible to attend a surf camp in Jeffreys Bay, which is the perfect way for surfers to spend a holiday. It is at these camps where you will meet with professional trainers, current champs, ex-champs, ranked surfers and other surfing enthusiasts. It is remarkable how much camp attendees are able to learn at such an event. They acquire new skills and learn techniques which can make a tremendous difference to their competence as surfers. There are many spots around Jeffreys bay that has emerged as very popular surfing camp venues.

Popular surfing spots

There are many highly popular surfing spots in and around Jeffreys Bay such as Supertubes which is one of the top surfing spots in South Africa. Local surfer’s advise visitors to observe how the conditions are handled by the locals before they take to the water. People with limited time on hand will do well to follow the advice of locals in order to ensure that their time in Jeffreys Bay is well spend.

Another popular surfing spot is the Point area which was first discovered by surfers in 1960. At the time they did not realize that this spot would one day be reckoned as one of the best surfing spots on the planet. Point has less protection from the south westerly winds than other surfing spots which can result in a sizable swell, which is exactly what surfing enthusiasts want, the opportunity to ride a big one.