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How would you describe the surfing at Croyde Beach?

If you are an experienced surfer or are just starting out, then one of the top beaches in the United Kingdom you need to check out is Croyde Beach. It’s a beautiful, popular beach, and it has one of the best surf spots around.

Located along the North Devon coast, Croyde Beach has long been known as a popular surfing spot amongst experienced surfers. One of the things that makes Croyde Beach a favorite amongst surfers is its consistency as a top place to surf year-round. While the tides and swells make the beach better suited for experienced surfers, that doesn’t mean you won’t find beginners taking surf classes during holiday seasons. Knowing that you can reliably visit Croyde Beach out of the holiday season and know you can catch some great waves makes it a must-visit destination for surfers.

What puts Croyde Beach on the map and on many of the top places to surf in Devon and in the UK is its low tide waves. Croyde Beach has the honour of boasting that it’s a great place to surf all day, but it is low tide that gives the beach its claim to fame. During low tide, the waves come fast and furious, giving experienced surfers a nice challenge and a great chance to catch some epic waves. The beach also experiences a mix of groundswells and wind swells, but the ideal swell comes from the west southwest direction and when the wind is blowing east.

Croyde Beach is also known the world over for being a top surfing spot, outside of local and national top lists. The history of Croyde as a surfer’s favorite place goes back to the late 50s and early 60s, right before surfing took the world by storm. Croyde was and is home to some of England’s surfing greats, the top being Ralph Freeman and Richard Carter, but not to discount the likes of Bruce Palmer, Ian Finlay, and Andy Shollock.

Being known the world over as a surfing favourite also encourages people the world over to travel to Croyde. This plus the local beachgoers and surfing school students can make Croyde incredibly crowded and dangerous for many surfers. Again, this is where the fact that Croyde is perfect to surf all year and at all tides comes into play. Unlike other spots, you don’t have to wait long for a decent wave to come. And while low tide is the best time for experienced surfers to catch some waves, that doesn’t mean you can’t surf at high tide. Visiting Croyde in the off season is ideally the best time to go. The beach, and the water, will be far less crowded, plus, if you are sharing the space, you’re more likely to be sharing it with other surfers who know what they want and know what they’re doing.

If you’re trying to plan the perfect trip and don’t want to waste your time waiting for that perfect wave, check the Croyde surf forecast. Again, there is really no bad time to surf, unlike other beaches, but if you really want to milk the moment for all it’s worth, you can check out the daily and hourly surf forecasts.