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The fast and hollow waves of Hossegor attract a consistently increasing number of surfers from around the globe. Hossegor's beach ranges three kilometers, and in spite of the fact that it's only one stretch of sand, there are four particular surf spots. The longest continuous stretch of sandy shoreline in Europe is the seaside town of Hossegor in south-western France. It is an incredibly famous surfing point on La Côte d'Argent. Surfing is the main fascination for guests and local people alike, however, anybody can benefit as much as possible from the dynamic lifestyle and stunning scenes of the area.

Where to surf in Hossegor?

Because of continually shifting sandbars and expansive tidal ranges, the shoreline breaks around Hossegor change from tricky mush to the perfect peaks in just 60 minutes. For the help, a tide chart is consequently fundamental for any surfer, and getting advice from local people can save your day. 

The people who are new to surfing should go for Les Bourdaines or Les Estagnots for easier waves and a lot of surf-hire spots, or La Sud, further south towards Capbreton. On the other hand, experienced or professional surfers searching for greater waves could look at La Nord or even the amazing board-snapping barrels at La Gravière (not for the beginners!). Whether you're a professional or new to surfing, always remember to respect the local people and watch out for rips.

For a more relaxed surfing experience, you must go south into the Basque Country for the marvelous waves of la Côte des Basques – the origin of the European surfing scene. This shoreline is perfect for learners and it is popular with longboarders due to the mellow, long waves, which are sheltered from northerly winds. This side of the Atlantic flaunts the hottest water temperatures, which means rubber-less surfs amid the summers and thin wetsuits through September and October.

Best time to surf in Hossegor

In July and August, the waves are little and fun, however, the main peaks directly along the shoreline will be full of traveling surfers. At the point when it's on, you'll get a decent punchy wave at La Graviere and Les Culs Nus, yet it's these peak summer months when you're destined to get a flat spell. You have to be extremely unfortunate to get no waves during a whole week's vacation in Hossegor, even in the summer months.

May and June are good months for a vacation in Hossegor for surfers. The wild winter swell and enormous spring tides have quieted down however there are still some great powerful waves, the water's getting hotter and the surfers have yet to arrive.  

September and October is probably the best season. The water's still sufficiently warm to surf in boardies, the waves are beginning to get larger and the crowds of surfers have returned home. This is the point at which the WSL Quik Pro France is held and there's dependably a decent vibe around the local area.