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Best surf spots

There are many places in Hossegor which are perfect for surfing and many of those spots are well known among international surfers. All the surf spots are beach breaks which produce both left and right breaks and they handle most swell sizes. During the summer months the swells are smaller and then all the surfing spots are suitable for beginners except La Graviere which requires surfers with more advanced skills.

There is La Piste in Capbreton which is also known among locals as Bunkers and this popular surfing spot has become known for its rapid barreling shore breaks which is especially evident when the tide is high. A distinguishing feature about La Piste or Bunkers is the fact that there are many WWII bunkers strewn across the beach which actually look amazing in photographs. When planning a surfing holiday here people should remember that the place fills up during the summer months. The locals in the area are highly competitive and talented and they come out in numbers during the summer.  

Le Santocha

Surfers should definitely come to La Santocha in Capbreton when they visit Hossegor. This is one of the most popular surfing spots in Hossegor and people can expect to see a sizable right-hand swell that grows slowly relatively closely to the beach. For those who like diversity, there are left hand swells south of La Santocha in the direction of La Piste that are tamer. The locals will tell you that Santocha does not experience the large North West swells which is seen in other spots during the winter. The advantage is that surfing is still possible in Santocha when the sea is too rough in other spots.

Experienced surfers who love the big swells will often ignore the dangers and local advice and go to places such as Le Prevent where the swells are significantly larger than in Santocha.  The Le Prevent area is protected by man made seawalls which provide some protection from large swells. This area can really fill up during the summer months and though it has really large swells, they are manageable here while they are not in other places.

La Sud

There is also La Sud in Hossegor which lies on the other side of the Capbreton harbor. La Sud is also known as Kiddies among the locals and like Le Prevent on the other side of the harbor this is the only spot that protects surfers against the bigger swells. This place really bustles during the summer months and it is also seeing increases in visitors when the northern beaches close out.

There is also La Nord which has a reputation as the big wave spot in Hossegor. For those who like their food and drink close by when they exit the sea they will find that there are many restaurants and bars lined up on that spot. Between La Sud and La Nord there is a very large channel which makes getting out back easier on the larger days.