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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in April?

1.    The month of April marks the start of spring weather for most countries of the world. It is the perfect time to go kite surfing.

2.    There are lots of popular kite surfing spots in the world that can be visited in April by both beginner and expert level of surfers.

3.    Seahorse bay is a perfect kite surfing spot in the country of Egypt.  Some of the more luxurious beach resorts around Seahorse Bay limit the number of surfers in the water which gives all the surfers enough room to try out new techniques in the water.

4.    Sicily is a flat water lagoon. Sicily is an all round surfing spot which is excellent for all types of surfers.

5.    If you are a beginner and you are planning a kite surfing trip in April then Tunisia should definitely be on your list.

6.    Djerba, Tunisia is a perfect kite surfing spot for new surfers. The lagoon stays warm throughout the year which makes it a great place to enjoy water sports.

7.    Dakhla is one of the most famous lagoons in Morocco. You can always find good wind conditions at Dakhla Lagoon which are perfect for kite surfing.

8.    Dakhla, Morocco has a great wind probability for kite surfing. These wind conditions can be considered as second best in the world after the wind conditions in Brazil.

9.    Cape Verde is one of the most visited spots in the world. Beaches are heavily crowded in April and the water and wind conditions are perfect for water sports especially kite surfing.

10.The water in Cape Verde is suitable for surfers of all levels however intermediate and expert surfers can enjoy the waters more than the beginners.

11.Margarita Island in Venezuela is no less than a paradise. The beautiful island is a popular tourist destination. The water here is calm and clean and the wind conditions are perfect for kite surfers.

12.Rodrigues is a small island in Mauritius which is surrounded by the Indian ocean.  It is an amazing kite and windsurfing spot for people traveling in April.

13.Almost all major islands in the Caribbean are great for kite surfing.  The water and wind conditions are perfect for all levels of kite surfers.

14.Ulcinj in Montenegro is an amazing tourist destination. The wind probability in Ulcinj is amazing which makes it a perfect spot for kite surfing.

15.Vietnam is also considered as a famous kite surfing destination. It is one of the more affordable tourist destinations. April marks the end of kite surfing season in Vietnam

16.Strong Winds and Clean blue water make Vietnam a perfect kite surfing destination. Along with kite surfing, a lot of other water sports like snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing are also played there.

17.Tel Aviv in Israel is a very modern city in the heart of the Middle East. It is known for its exuberant beaches and great wind conditions. People who visit Israel should never miss the chance of going to the beach and trying a little kite surfing.

18.The water temperature off the coast of Israel goes to a maximum of 29C which is great for people visiting the city from relatively colder countries.

19.These areas also offer a lot of other entertainment opportunities. If you want to take a break from the water you can always go to restaurants and other tourist destinations within the city.

20.You can find a lot of experience trainer, ready to teach you some basic tips and tricks of kite surfing.