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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in December?

1.             December is a cold month which makes it difficult for kite surfers to find a warm surfing spot.

2.             People travel to relatively warmer countries to enjoy kite surfing and to get relaxed at the beach with their families

3.             The winds are stronger in almost all areas in the month of December which make it a great month for kite surfing however the cold weather stops a lot of people from getting into the water.

4.             Cape Town is a great place to visit in December for kite surfing. The wind conditions are perfect for surfing. You can find a lot of beach resorts just a few minutes away from the seashore.

5.             The Canary Islands are also a popular destination for kite surfers in the month of December. The winds are very strong so beginners are advised to only get in the water with an experienced partner or trainer.

6.             The island of Zanzibar is visited by hundreds of surfers every year. It has several very significant surfing spot. Jambiani is one such spot.

7.             Zanzibar is an affordable tourist destination which is suitable for all levels and all types of surfers.

8.             Prea in Brazil is known for its amazing sandy beaches. Prea is considered to have the most secured wind condition in all of Brazil

9.             Prea is also home to the largest kite surfing school of North America and South America.

10.         Prea is one of the few places on the planet where you will always find good wind conditions for surfing. It is one of the windiest places on the planet.

11.         Tatjuba is another beautiful place to visit in December. It has a lot of flat water spots off the coast. One of the best things about Tatjuba is that it is not as crowded as other beaches in Brazil.

12.         A large number of Europeans visit Sri Lanka every year in the winter to relax and enjoy the tropical vibes.

13.         The temperature is warm and pleasant and the wind conditions are suitable for all levels of surfers.

14.         December is great for kite surfers in Thailand.  The winds are stronger and the temperature is warm.

15.         Neighboring Vietnam is also a great kite surfing destination. The clean and clear water is complemented by good wind conditions.

16.         The Philippines is compromised of more than7000 islands and each island has several different beaches. Some of these areas get very windy in the month of December which attracts kite surfers from all over the world.

17.         There are several different kite surfing spots in the south and center of America. Belize situated in center America is a very beautiful place with clean blue water and shallow reefs.

18.         Not many people visit Belize for kite surfing but it is a place which is expected to attract a lot of surfers once it starts to get in the mainstream.

19.         Near to Belize is the American territory of Puerto Rico. IT is a very beautiful island with amazing weather and wind conditions. The place gets some decent winds during the month of December.

20.         January and February in Israel aren’t as windy as other months of the year so December marks the end of wind season in Israel.  The temperature is warm and the winds are quite decent to try out your kite surfing gear and equipment.

21.         You can find experienced trainers at most of the popular beach resorts. These trainers can help beginners with their surfing skills.