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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in January?

1.    A lot of people travel to warm countries in January to escape the cold weather in their home country.

2.    January is financially a great month for warm countries as their tourism industry flourishes in January.

3.    There are a lot of different places all around the world that can be visited for experiencing kite surfing in January

4.    Brazil is a perfect spot for kite surfers to visit in January. The water is clean and calm. The wind is perfect for kite surfing

5.    If you are thinking about visiting any warm country in January then don’t worry about your surfing skills as you would find trainers on almost all beaches and beach resorts

6.    Seashore Bay in Egypt is also a great destination for kite surfers. A Large number of kite surfers visit the seashore bay in January to enjoy surfing in the warm waters

7.    South America and Africa are two of the most visited continents in January. Kite surfers travel from their relatively colder countries to enjoy the warm weather and hospitality of South American and African countries.

8.    Zanzibar has beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful scenery.  The water is blue, clean and clear.

9.    Zanzibar is a paradise for January kite surfers. The wind is really good here for kite surfers of all levels.

10.Cape Town in South Africa is another beautiful place for kite surfers to visit. The water is calm and clean near the coast however a little far from the coast the pressure of the water and the wind increases which makes it a difficult spot for beginners to surf in.

11.Tatajuba in Brazil is popular for its windy weather. The weather is perfect for all types of water sports including surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and kite surfing

12.Tatajuba is considered as one of the windiest places on the planet. Its wind conditions are considered the best wind conditions for kite surfing in Brazil

13.A little below the equator is the island country of Sri Lanka. It is a small but beautiful country with hundreds of amazing beaches.  A lot of people head to Sri Lanka for enhancing their kite surfing experience.

14.Kite surfers travel to Sri Lanka all year round however only experienced people are advised to surf in winter seasons whereas the summer season is perfect for surfers of all levels.

15.The water in Sri Lanka is calm and the wind conditions are extremely amazing for surfers of all kinds.

16.The region of Oceania is also a very popular destination for kite surfers in January.  Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular destinations for kite surfers in Oceania.

17.Gnarloo bay in Australia is one of the most known spots for kite surfing. people from other surrounding countries like New Zealand often they bay in January to enjoy warm beaches and exhilarating kite surfing.

18.Cape Verde is a small island country. It is a volcanic archipelago however the beaches in the country are awe inspiring and beautiful.

19.The islands of Sal and Boa Vista in Cape Verde are a perfect spot for people planning on visiting the country in January

20.Le Morne in Mauritius is another splendid place for People who like to kite surf in January.

21.Langebaan in South Africa is considered as one of the best kite surfing spots for the month of January. The wind conditions are exemplary for kite surfing sessions.

22.What makes these places great kite surfing destinations is the wind conditions and water pressure in the month of January.

23.All these places are amazing tourist destinations as they let you enjoy kite surfing along with other local entertainment

24.The southern hemisphere is relatively warm in January which helps the countries located in the southern hemisphere to attract a lot of kite surfers and other tourists.

25.Other astonishing kite surfing spots that should be visited in the month of January are Peru, Morocco, and the Dominican Republic.