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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in June?

1.    June is considered as the start of summer for most of the countries in the world.

2.    The weather all around the world is mostly hot. The hot weather creates thermal winds which are perfect for kite surfing.

3.    Beaches start to get crowded with surfers in June as it is also the start of summer vacations for young people.

4.    Israel is a great destination to visit in the month of June.  The wind and waves are calmer as compared to other months. It has a lot of thermal wind in summer which makes it a great surfing spot for the month of June.

5.    Aruba is a constituent island country and a part of Kingdom of Netherlands. It is a beautiful island and a popular holiday destination.

6.    Every year Aruba is visited by several hundred kite surfers from all over the world. Kite surfing season is at its peak in the month of June.

7.    Madagascar is another great place to visit in the month of June. The wind conditions are perfect for kite surfers. The temperature of the water is mild and the temperature in the air is somewhat warm.

8.    The western coast of Morocco gets a lot of good wind around the month of June which makes it a great destination for surfers.

9.    When it comes to surfing destinations Oman is still considered a secret Gem as a lot of people don’t visit Oman for its surfing experience,

10.In Oman, the surfing season is at its peak in the month of June. The coast of Oman facing the Arabian sea gets some great winds. The winds are very strong so it is advised that only experienced surfers should surf here.

11.Hawaii is considered as a surf paradise for all types and all level of surfers. Hawaii is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

12.Summertime is perfect for surfing in Hawaii especially in Maui. The surfing community is very strong in Hawaii. June marks the start of Peak season for kite surfers in Hawaii

13.Texas is also a great destination for surfers in the month of June. The weather is warm and it has some great wind conditions.

14.The Mascarene islands are surrounded by tough waves of the Indian oceans. The wind conditions are great for surfers.

15.Mascarene islands are a group of several different island nations including Mauritius, Reunion, and Rodrigues.

16.Mauritius is known for its amazing surfing waves, the waves are neither too strong nor too weak which makes it a great experience to surf in Mauritius.

17.Mauritius might be a famous holiday destination but Reunion is the most famous destination for kitesurfer.

18.When we talk about Reunion, the wind conditions are great and the waves are calm but beginners are still advised to not surf in the water as the water is infected by sharks.

19.Rodrigues is a good spot for all types and levels of kitesurfer. IT offers both waves and flat lagoons.

20.If you don’t know how to surf then don’t worry at all because almost all major beaches have experienced trainer available all year round.

21.If you are visiting any country for kite surfing don’t forget to check out other aspects of the local culture as well.