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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in March?

1.    The month of March is that time of the year when the cold weather slightly starts to change.

2.    In March, The weather becomes warmer and wind conditions become perfect for kite surfing.

3.    People from all over the world gather their surfing gear and travel to different kite surfing spots all over the world.

4.    There are several different kite surfing spots all over the world that can be visited in the month of March.

5.    Los Roques in Venezuela is a famous kite surfing spot. The water is great but the wind conditions are a little strong for beginners.

6.    Gnarloo Bay in Australia is one of the most famous kite surfing spots in Oceania.  The coast is crowded with kite surfers in the month of March.

7.    Caribbean Islands mainly the island country of Aruba is a popular kite surfing destination all around the year.

8.    Surfers of all levels visit Santa Veronica, Columbia all round the year. There are a lot of kite surfing schools in Santa Veronica which can be very helpful for new surfers

9.    Sri Lanka is located right near the equator. The sun shines almost directly on the region and it makes for a perfect kite surfing spot.

10.Kalpitiya in Srilanka is an amazing kite surfing spot. The water is calm, sun rays hit the beach all day long and the wind conditions are perfect for surfing.

11.Sicily is not just famous for its Mafioso history. It is also a great spot for kite surfing.

12.Kite boarding events are also held in Sicily in the month of March. A lot of experienced kite surfers from all over the world travel to Sicily for kite surfing events.

13.Cape Town, South Africa is a very modern city with a lot of entertaining things to do. The water off the coast of Cape Town is suitable for all types and all levels of surfers.

14.Essaouira is a small but very beautiful town in Morocco. The wind conditions in Essaouira aren’t suitable for surfing from the months of November to February.  March is the start of the surfing season in Essaouira.

15.The weather is warm and the waves are perfect for surfing. The wind conditions also complement the warm weather.

16.Spain is not just popular for its famous European architecture and amazing restaurants. It is also home to a lot of amazing kite surfing spots.

17.Tarifa in Spain is one of the most popular kite surfing spots in Spain. It is known for its amazing wind conditions that are perfect for surfing.

18.Right across from Spain is Portugal. Portugal also has a lot of surfing spots. Obidos is the most famous kite surfing spot in Portugal.

19.In Egypt, Nabq Bay attracts a lot of kite surfers from all over the world. The wind conditions are very strong in this part of the world. Beginners should be very careful while surfing in this area.

20.Whenever there is talk about vacation islands, Hawaii tops the list. Maui is not a famous kite surfing spot in Hawaii but it is one of the most popular kite surfing spots in the world.

21.Montenegro has some of the very affordable and beautiful tourist spots in the world. The water off the coast of Montenegro is suitable for all beginners, intermediate and expert level of surfers.

22.Water near the coast of Fiji is perfect for beginners however as you move a little further away from t the coast the water pressure starts to grow and wind conditions get trickier.

23.Jupiter is a beautiful beach town in Florida. The town is known for its beautiful attractions and amazing restaurants. Its beaches are crowded with kite surfers.

24.Almost all major kite surfing spots have trainers who would be happy to teach you the art of kite surfing

25.Kenya has a special Kite lodge especially for kite surfers. You can book a room at the lodge and also take surfing lessons from experienced trainers. The lodge is just a few minutes’ walk away from the beach.