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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in May?

1.    The weather starts to get quite warm in the month of May.  A lot of local surfers also head to the sandy beaches to relax and have fun.

2.    The warm weather along with calm water and amazing wind conditions make may an amazing month for kite surfing.

3.    There are several amazing kite surfing spots all over the world that can be visited in the month of May

4.    Gnarloo Bay has really great weather in the month of May. The wind conditions are perfect for wind and kite surfing.

5.    The east coast of Texas is a very windy place. It is considered the windiest place in the United States. 

6.    Texas has very warm weather. This warm climate is the reason for thermal wind off the coast of Texas. It is a paradise for kite surfers of all levels.

7.    Belize is another famous kite surfing spot near Texas. May marks the end of kite surfing season in Belize.

8.    Two of the best places to kite surf in Belize are Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. The water here is great but it is suitable for intermediate and expert surfers.

9.    Mauritius is a very popular holiday destination. It is also a well know kite surfing spot. World famous kite surfing spot One Eye is also located in Mauritius.

10.The wind conditions in Mauritius are ideal for surfers of all levels and types. It is, however, an expensive tourist destination.

11.Israel has good wind conditions throughout the year from March to December.  It has a lot of great beaches for you to relax and enjoy surfing.

12.Tel Aviv is one of the most visited destinations of Israel. The water temperature can get to a maximum of 29C which is perfect for a warm kite surfing experience.

13.The Persian Gulf is also a great place for kite surfing. The wind is great throughout the year but at springtime, the conditions are perfect for surfing. May is the perfect month to visit the Persian Gulf for your kite surfing expeditions.

14.Puerto Rico is an American Territory. The island is visited by thousands of Americans every year as it is a great holiday destination.  The water is very warm at the coast of Puerto Rico which makes it a good surfing spot.

15.Another American off mainland region which is a popular tourist destination in May is Hawaii. Hawaii is not only famous for its positive vibes, but it is also famous for its amazing kite surfing spots.

16.May is the start of the peak of kite surging season in Morocco. The peak season goes on till September.

17.Dakhla and Essaouira are two of the main kite surfing spots in Morocco. Morocco offers both waves riding water and flat water for surfers.

18.One of the most visited countries in South America is Chile. Chile is known for its unique shape and a large number of beaches. A lot of people visit the country in May to enjoy kite surfing experience at the southernmost point on South America.

19.If you want to take a break from surfing you can visit other tourist destination around the city like historical places or splendid restaurants.

20.The above mentioned places are considered good kite surfing spots due to the excellent wind conditions that are prevalent in these countries throughout the year.

21.Where ever you go for kite surfing you will find amazing and hospitable people who would be willing to teach you a trick or two about kite surfing.