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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in November?


1.         November is a relatively cold month. Surfers tend to travel to warmer countries in November in order to continue enjoying their passion for kite surfing.

2.         Even though the weather is somewhat cold all around the globe in November you can still find a lot of warm surfing spots.

3.         Fiji is a beautiful island country in Oceania.  It is known for its awe inspiring natural beauty and active volcanoes.

4.         The wind in Fiji is ideal for kite surfing throughout the year. Wind conditions in November are perfect for beginners.

5.         The wind conditions in Namibia are great from August to December. Namibia has some of the least crowded beaches in the world so you can have a lot of room for yourself while you’re kite surfing there.

6.         November marks the peak of surfing seasons in Sydney Australia. There are many unique and amazing surfing spots in Australia.

7.         Some of the main surfing spots in Sydney are  Brighton, Dolls Point, Collaroy, Cronulla, Kurnell, Long Reef, Palm Beach and many more.

8.         Chile is one of the most visited places in the month of November. People usually head to Chile during this month to enjoy the warm water and light winds. It is a perfect place to kitesurf in November.

9.         You can get amazing wind conditions in Texas all year round however, the wind starts to get lighter after August. The wind conditions in November are suitable for beginners.

10.     The Bahamas are also a great destination for kite surfers. November marks the start of kite surfing season in the archipelago. The wind conditions gradually get better till April and then there is no an offseason till October.

11.     Thailand is a very popular tourist destination. The wind conditions in the country vary with cities.  Overall  Thailand has a very light wind in November however the wind conditions are still great for surfers.

12.     One of the most visited islands of Hawaii is Maui.  The wind season in the region ranges from the month of April to November. November marks the end of wind season for Maui.

13.     Maui is considered as a paradise for surfers of all levels and types. Water sports enthusiasts visit the island on a regular basis.

14.     Morocco is another famous kite surfing destination. When we talk about surfing, two of the most visited destinations of Morocco are Dakhla and  Essaouira.

15.     Both these places offer wave riding and flat water lagoons. The wind season ranged from the month of March to November. November marks the end of Wind season at these places. The wind is lighter in November as compared to preceding months.

16.     After Hawaii, Puerto  Rico is one of the most visited American islands in the world. November marks the start of Wind season in Puerto Rico. The wind conditions in Puerto Rico are good for all levels of surfers.

17.     The Persian Gulf sees two wind seasons in a year. The first one ranges from April to May and the second seasons range from September to November. The wind conditions are better in the second season as compared to the first.

18.     Israel is a perfect kite surfing destination especially in the month of November. Tel Aviv has some of the cleanest and luxurious beaches in the world.

19.     In November the wind conditions are amazing which makes Israel an ideal destination for kite surfers from all over the world.

20.     The southern coastline of Vietnam is popular for its kite surfing spots. Phan Rang and Mui Ne are two of the most significant places for kite surfers in Vietnam.

21.     The wind season in the country ranges from  November to April. The wind conditions are ideal for surfers. The warm weather and affordable prices complement excellent wind conditions.

22.     If you are planning on visiting any place for kite surfing don’t forget to check other amazing local points to get a full cultural experience of the place.