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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in October?

1.    October is the best time of the year to plan your kite surfing trip to warmer regions of the world.

2.    The winds start to get stronger at this time of the year and both air and water temperature start to get cold.

3.    Some spots are more popular in specific months due to the wind and weather conditions prevalent in the respective region.

4.    Israel: Beaches in Tel Aviv and Haifa are popular destination for kite surfers. These are one of the most visited destinations in the Middle East.

5.    The wind conditions in Israel are great for surfing in October and the water is remarkably clear.

6.    The Persian Gulf is crowded with kite surfers in the month of October. The waves are suitable for all levels of kite surfers.

7.    In October the wind is slightly lighter than the previous months.  The waves are calmer which make Israel a perfect place for new surfers.

8.    Hawaii is also a great option for kite surfers. The beaches in Hawaii are less crowded in October so you can enjoy the whole Hawaiian experience with a lot of space in the water.

9.    Mascarene Islands are group of islands surrounded by the mighty Indian Ocean. The Mascarene Islands consist of Mauritius, Reunion, and Rodrigues.

10.These islands are a perfect destination for kite surfers especially Mauritius which is a very well known kite surfing destination. One Eye is one of the most popular kite surfing spots in the Mascarene Islands.

11.In Thailand the winds conditions get lighter in the month of October. The waves are calmer which makes for a perfect kite surfing destination.

12.Other than Hawaii, Puerto Rico is another American island which is famous for kite surfing. The wind conditions are perfect for kite surfing throughout the year.

13.Coast of Texas is also a very popular kite surfing spot for Americans. The place is known for its mild thermal winds that create an ideal kite surfing environment for locals and tourists.

14.New Zealand has good wind conditions all year round however September to December are the best kite surfing months in New Zealand.

15.New Zealand has many good kite surfing destinations. Most of the popular kite surfing destinations are in Auckland, Foxton, Christchurch and Wellington.

16.The long coastline of Chile makes it a great surfing destination. The winds can sometime get very strong which can be a paradise for expert surfers.

17.In Sydney Australia, the peak Kite surfing season starts from the month of October and ends in December.

18.The main kite surfing spots in the Sydney are Palm Beach, dolls point, Long Reef, and Brighton.

19.Don’t worry if you are a new surfer, you can always find experienced trainers at major surfing spots that would be willing to improve your kite surfing skills.

20.No matter which spot you visit to carry out your kite surfing activities don't forget to visit other local places with cultural importance.