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What are the best places to go kitesurfing in September?

1.    September is an ideal time of the year to go kite surfing. There are lots of different places all over the world that offer perfect kite surfing conditions in the month of September.

2.    The beaches located in the south of France are ideal for kite surfing. The weather is warm and the water is clear.

3.    The southern coast of France offers both wave riding and flat water spots along with thermal winds which create an ideal kite surfing environment.

4.    September marks the peak of surfing season in Namibia. Thermal winds blow off the coast of Namibia however the water is very cold so always take your wet suit with you.

5.    Namibia is a relatively less popular kite surfing spot. The beaches are less crowded as compared to other kite surfing spots in the African continent and due to fewer people visiting the beaches, the water is cleaner in this part of the world.

6.    September marks the end of peak season of kite surfing in Fiji however there is always suitable wind for kite surfing throughout the year.

7.    Near to  Fiji is the island country of New Zealand. There are hundreds of surfing spots in New Zealand where the wind conditions are perfect for surfers throughout the year.

8.    Along with Fiji and New Zealand , Australia also has a lot of amazing kite surfing destinations.  Sydney is a perfect place to visit for kite surfing in the month of September.

9.    South America has an abundance of amazing kite surfing spots. Even though there are other attractive surfing spots in South America like Brazil and Venezuela, Chile is still a very popular destination for surfers.

10.Chile has a lengthy coastline which is due to its unique shape. A long coastline means hundreds of different beaches and surfing spots. It is an amazing place to visit in the month of September.

11.The wind in Chile is great at this time of the year.  It is suitable for surfers of all levels however the winds are stronger in southern Chile and it is advised that only expert surfers should get their gear in the water in this region.

12.Autumn is an ideal time for visiting the Persian Gulf for kite surfing. The winds are slightly stronger from September to November as compared to other months of the year.

13.Morocco is more than just a country with a beautiful mixture of African and Arabian architecture. It has some amazing beaches.

14.September is the last month of peak surfing season in Morocco as in October the winds start to slow down.

15.The most popular spot for kite surfing in Morocco is Dakhla. The calm and clear waters are complemented by luxurious and elegant Arabic style beach resorts.

16.If you are in Oman in the month of September then you should take advantage of the light wind conditions on the coast of Oman.

17.Water off the coast of Oman is suitable for surfers of all types and all levels.

18.Hawaii is one of the most toured destinations in the world. It is a paradise for surfers as the wind conditions are perfect for surfing throughout the year.

19.You can find experienced trainers at all the major surfing spots throughout the year.

20.The places mentioned above are great surfing spots but if you are visiting these places then you should also visit other amazing tourist destinations in the respective countries.