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What are the top 10 countries where surfing is most popular?

1. Surfing in the US

There can be no doubt that surfing enjoys huge support in the US and the country has the quality of surfing locations which continue to attract thousands of surfers to the US. There is Mavericks, which remains one the most popular surfing locations on the planet and there is also Oahu in Hawaii where several big competitions are held every year. There can be no doubt that the US, along with Australia continue to be very popular with its citizens.

2. Surfing in South Africa 

South Africa continues to attract many surfing enthusiasts to its shores and it has its fair share of competitions, especially at Jeffreys Bay and Dungeons. Both of these locations are well established surfing hotspots which are firmly entrenched as notable and popular surfing destinations. There are also popular surfing spots along the Wild Coast of Transkei and then there is the East coast city of Durban which will always be a popular surfing destination.

3. Surfing in Australia

Australia with its huge shoreline has continued to be popular as a surfing destination and some spots, in particular, are world renown such as Bondi Beach. Surfing in this location is an integral part of the way in which people live their lives. There is tremendous support among Australians for surfing and another popular surfing destination is Bells beach and there is also many others such as Devils Point on the Tasmanian coast which receives many visitors despite the difficulties of getting there.

4. Surfing in France

In relation to surfing in France one destination immediately comes to mind and that is Hossegor in the south west of France. There are some excellent beach breaks in the area which produce sizable waves ensuring that Hossegor gets its fair share of surfing visitors all year around. The weather is mostly better than at any other surfing destination in Europe which is why it attracts many european and international visitors.

5. Surfing in Ireland

Ireland has its fair share of surfing enthusiasts and one notable Irish surfing location is Bandoran where the water is cold but still the location is popular and it provides surfing visitors with outstanding waves. Many people had Bandoran as second or third choice on their list but when they got there they were quickly convinced of the fact that Bandoran is a viable choice which deserves a firm place on any surfers list of places to visit.

6. Surfing in Tahiti

Tahiti have always been popular among travelers for an endless list of reasons but it is equally popular as a surfing destination as people will see when they visit Teahupoo which is part of the world surfing championships. It is a beautiful surfing destination with clear water which often looks like glass. Teahupoo has so much to offer to surfing enthusiasts.

7. Surfing in Fiji

Who hasn’t heard about Fiji and about its attraction as a serious surf destination? The highlight is the lovely Tavarua Island which is a heart shaped Island which has some amazing breaks. 

8. Surfing in Mexico

Mexico has a very long coastline with breathtaking beaches many of which are perfect for surfing all year round. Puerto Escondido is one such spot which is very popular among local and international surfers. To many Mexicans this is one of the most popular places in the country and many international tourists and surfers have been introduced to Puerto Escondido over the last couple of decades.

9. Surfing in Costa Rica

Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica is yet another amazing surfing destination because it stretches over so many miles with warm waters and great swells. It is suitable for all levels of surfers. The nature surrounding the beaches is truly remarkable and you will even see monkeys along the beaches. This can be observed while you sit on your surf board waiting for the big one.

10. Surfing in Canada

Canada is a very large country with many beautiful beaches such as Tofino, Vancouver Island. It has been christened the surfing capital of Canada and is great for surfers with its beautiful breaks and amazing rainforests. It can get very chilly and therefore a wetsuit is required but the surf is suitable for all levels of surfers.