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What are the top 10 countries with the biggest waves?

Finding a surfer’s paradise

Different people crave different things and surfing enthusiasts are no exception. Whether they are beginners, moderately experienced or pros each will work to advance to the next level of surfing that will test their abilities anew. It is important that each individual be honest with themselves and that they will not attempt to ride waves which is above their abilities to handle because this can lead to serious injury or even death. When you get to the pro level you will naturally set your sights on the top 10 surfing destinations on this planet in order to be able to relate to other pros as they speak about that monster wave with they had encountered in some distant and exotic location. So, the question is where to go next?

1.  Waimea Bay, Hawaii 

When assembling a list of top 10 surfing destination no one can be faulted for including Waimea Bay in that list. It is a truly beautiful surfing destination with large waves and those large waves. This spot is located on the north shore of Oahu and it has established itself as of one of the Hawaiian beaches with the biggest waves. Many competitions take place here such as the annual Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational. Every surfer should visit these shores at least once in their lifetime.

2. Praia De Norte, Portugal

Surfing historians will tell you of a surfing legend by name of Garrett McNamara who surfed a hundred feet wave at Praia De Norte. This spot is also known as North Canyon and many visitors have been awed by the huge waves which pound the coast in this region which is exactly why surfers from all over the world is attracted to Praia De Norte. The waves are best during fall and winter when those waves seem to tower majestically against the sky.

3. Punta de Lobos, Chile

South America is large continent and it would have been strange if it did not appear on this list with its thousands of miles of coastline. The point of interest for surfers in this instance is Punta de Lobos which could be the best surfing location in South America. Amateurs could surf in certain parts of Punta de Lobos but be on the lookout because when the surf starts to increase the surf can become very difficult.

4. Mavericks, California

On the North American side of the continent, there is Mavericks which is a dream location for surfing professionals but for anyone less than a skilled surfer, attempting to surf here can have disastrous results. When you are at California’s Half Moon bay, Mavericks is only half a mile away. This surfing hot spot is known to produce some of the biggest waves on the planet and apparently, the force exerted by those waves on the shore is substantial enough to register on the Richter Scale. The cream of the surfing community come to Mavericks in the winter time when waves in excess of sixty feet can be seen but even in moderate conditions Mavericks still produce waves of twenty-five feet and higher.

5. Dungeons, South Africa 

Africa as a continent is by no means small and it also has thousands of miles of shoreline and therefore it is not surprising that it produces several surfing spots which is as good and better than others elsewhere on the planet. One such place is Dungeons, a place which has become legendary among surfers worldwide. You will find Dungeons at Houtbaai not far from Cape Town and you will do well to remember that these waters are not only cold, they are also shark infested. For those brave surfers who don’t mind a little cold and donating body parts to the shark trust, surfing at Dungeons is an exceptional adventure well worth telling your grandchildren about hopefully with all your body parts accounted for. 

Many surfers have called Dungeons the Mavericks of the Southern hemisphere. Both spots can be very unpredictable with almost vertical takeoffs. Your chances of striking gold are better between March and October.

6. Shipstern Bluff, Australia

This location is also known as Devils Point and you will find it on the southeastern coast of Tasmania. You have two options when going there, the first being a long hike through Tasman National Park but the easier option is to reach Shipstern Bluff by boat. Once there you will have to decide for yourself whether your efforts were worthwhile because the first thing which you will see is a vicious and very dangerous break. It is because of these conditions that many people prefer the name Devils Point, but the rugged granite cliff that sticks out of the headland has secured the name Shipstern Bluff for this area.

7. Teahupoo, Tahiti 

The loud and heavy waters in the region contrast strangely to the quiet town of Teahupoo which is located nearby. Surfers and other locals in the area frequently observe large, thick barrels. The barrels ensure consistency throughout the summer months. This is why the Billabong Pro Tahiti competition is hosted by Teahupoo.

8. Mullaghmore Head, Ireland

Mullaghmore is known for the strong, fast and huge barrels which is encountered by surfers in this location. Waves of up to 25 feet can be encountered.  Those familiar with Mullaghmore visit every year in March when the strong storms hit. The big wave surf contest takes place here and this is why it deserves a place on the list of big wave locations.

9. Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii

This is a popular surfing location which some say is among the best surfing destinations in the US. Many people simply speak of the Pipeline and one thing is certain and that is that this spot continues to be highly popular among professional surfers. People come here all year round but the really big waves arrive in the winter time. 

Banzai pipeline maintains its position as one of the truly big wave beaches on this planet. Several of the foremost surfing competitions take place in this spot such as the Billabong Pipeline masters. Many surfers have established their reputations in these waters but only a fool would mess around here as it has a reputation as one of the deadliest places for a novice to surf.  

10. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands together with 70 other islands are part of a chain of islands that lies off Sumatra’s west coast. Surprising these spots were only discovered in the 1990’s but since then it has been rightfully included in every list which mentions the worlds best surfing spots. Some of the places which should be looked into are Siparo, Pagi, and Siberut which is known for large waves.  The best time to visit is between June and September. For those who like surfing in a breathtaking environment, this is the place where you will find enough to satisfy you. Most spots are only accessible by boat but you won’t be disappointed.