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What are the top 10 places to surf in April?


1.     Todos, Mexico


Here you will find a 750 mile stretch of coast with snow white sandy beaches, clear transparent water and some of the best spicy food on the planet.  There are several exciting beaches such as Colina, Los Cabos and Oaxaca where the surf never disappoints. There is a tremendous amount of support for surfing in Mexico and many people fall in love with the country and many stay behind.

2.     Thailand


This is probably one of the last destinations which come to mind when surfers hit the road but that does not mean that surfing is not possible here. In particular the west coast of Thailand gets just about the same swells as those encountered in Sri Lank and Indonesia although the waves are slightly smaller. Nevertheless, Thailand is still a glorious destination for beginner and intermediate surfers.

3.     Bali, Indonesia

The surf in Bali result from Indian Ocean groundswells which are very consistent and when they reach the Island they can be sizable especially in the south and southwest coasts where strong offshore winds can turn on the pressure. Bali is for most visitors the preferred Indonesian destination and international surfers can be found on the Island throughout the year. The southern ocean produces large swells and brings warm water to the region.

4.     Hainan, China


One again this is a destination not normally associated with the world of professional surfing. So far no rumors has emerged regarding waves which can be surfed in order to make a journey to China viable. This does not apply to the Island of Hainan at the southern tip of China which has emerged as the number one Chinese surfing spot. It is reasonable to expect that somewhere along this 1800km of coastline breaking waves maybe encountered. This is also warm water territory and only the bare essential is needed as far as surfing ware is concerned.

5.     Salina Cruz, Mexico

The south sea swell season starts which the coming of spring in the Pacific regions which is about the time Salina Cruz passes out of her winter cycle. This is a stunning surfing destination without any distractions because there is just about no nightlife. However, the surfing is top notch and those spots which enjoy protection from rough seas allow surfers to stay in the surf throughout the day.

6.     Rincon, Puerto Rico

In the Caribbean no other surfing community enjoys more prominence than Rincon. Among surfers Rincon is well known and frequently visited. It is actually a tiny peninsula just off the West coast of Puerto Rico which is sporting a total of nine surf spots on its south side alone with a further seven of the North side. However, there are many spots in between which also deserve recognition as surf spots in their own right.

7.     Bali, Indonesia

Whenever Bali is mentioned anywhere on our planet, there is an excellent chance that someone will comment on the amazing waves which can be encountered in this surfing paradise. Other individuals may also make exciting comments about the natural paradise of Bali which is any explorers dream come true. For those planning to master the art of surfing, Bali is the perfect place to put that plan into action. For many decades now people have been attracted to Bali because of its natural suitability as a surfing location.

8.     Bocas Del Toro, Panama

This destination hidden away in the Caribbean Sea has gained a reputation as one of the most consistent surfing destinations on the planet.  The region is known for its sudden storms which are known to impact the sea to the east of Bocas and this ensures steady swells throughout the year. Bocas produces a variety of surfing marvels such as the reef breaks at Silverbacks and the beach breaks at the Bluff.

9.     Phuket, Thailand

Waves as high as three meters can be encountered at Phuket and there is something for all levels of surfers. In Thailand the best time season for surfing is between April and October and people should know that Phuket ranks high on surfing lists. Despite this, Thailand is not yet well known as a surfing destination but the news is getting out slowly but surely.

10.  Da Nang, Vietnam

April is certainly the time for surfing in Vietnam because this is in the middle of the summer monsoon. Waves of 2.5m is regularly encountered which is maybe to meek for competitive surfers but lower levels won’t have reason to complain. Although surfing in Vietnam has not yet developed to the levels seen in other countries the surf scene is nevertheless enthusiastic and the surf crowd is growing steadily. One would expect no less with that long coastline which is completely exposed to developing weather fronts in the South China Sea. In other words the conditions are perfect for Vietnam to take off as a competitive surfing nation.