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What are the top 10 places to surf in June?

Lisbon, Portugal

Over time, Portugal is the seats of best wave in the continent. Thus, it features waves of all kinds and a very eco-friendly environment during summer periods. In Europe, Portugal is one of the warmest countries with approximately 1115 miles of the Atlantic coast.  Every summer is a good time to surf in Portugal to enjoy small to medium waves.

 Iberian, SPAIN

Do you want to enjoy all year round surfing? Then Spain is your best spot – you can surf all year round in Spain. But for beginners, summer is the best, as the water and waves are warm and calm respectively, and they are gentle enough to accommodate quality learning and polishing of your surfing skills. Most especially, the Iberian Peninsula is graced with an eco-friendly environment.

Playa Hermosa, Coasta Rica

Looking for one of the biggest surfing destinations in the universe? Look no further, Coasta Rica is blessed with first-class waves, mild water temperature that roves around 30 degrees Celsius all through the year. It has two coastlines, which are known to be the home of exclusive surf spots.

Playa Colorado, Nicaragua

Experience an exclusive all year surf pursuit in Nicaragua, a spot blessed with big waves and large beaches – the best place for surfers.  Nicaragua features over 300 days of pleasant weather with a soothing winds offer. They are renowned for their fresh and delicious meals, and their eco-friendly waves.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the largest archipelagic state in the world, having approximately 34,000 miles of astonishing coastlines. Bali is a well-known natural attraction center, blessed with a perfect climate, and a pleasant atmosphere in Indonesia – it is regarded as a surfing paradise, with over a hundred surf spots.

Brittany, France

France is an all year destination for suffers, having over 500 kilometers of surf beaches. It is a right surf spot all-round the year but is best during summer because of its mild wave, which is just best for beginners.

Taghazout, Morocco

This is the premier surfing spot for all surf lovers. Morocco is often referred to as the freight trains, where the skills of surf pros are tested in the presence of relentless waves. It is known to be best in winter, but for the sake of beginners, summer is perfect as the temperature around this time is appropriate for learners.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is not a renowned surf spot, and it is known more to be the home of diverse and kite-surfers. It also features a calm, pleasant wave for beginners to learn and polish their skills.

Male Atolls, Maldives

Featuring over 1,192 coral islands, Maldives is known to be one of the best centers for surfing in the world. It is the best spot for beginners, having a usual mild wave ranging from shoulder to head-high.  Although the Maldives doesn’t feature a big surf, its perfection is fantastic, as it accommodates exclusive long rides.

Phuket, Thailand

Can I surf in Thailand? Yes, you can. Although Thailand is not famously known for surfing, you can still surf on the calm oceans of Thailand. There are smaller and less powerful waves in Thailand, thereby making it the best place for beginners. Phuket is number one amongst Thailand’s natural attraction centers. It has over 25 beaches for surfing, and it features the largest surfing schools in Thailand.