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What are the top 10 places to surf in May?

1.     Bali, Indonesia

It is just about impossible to keep Bali off any list of surfing destinations and it also ranks high on most surfing lists. Advanced surfers will certainly be able to make the best of the opportunities which Bali provides. Because of the favorable temperatures minimum clothing is required when in the water but do not forget to apply a high quality water resistant sun screen to avoid nasty sun burn. Padang Padang have the reputation as the Balinese pipeline and produces some of the best waves in the region with its long and fast barreling wave.  

2.     Hossegor, France

Air temperatures are mostly beneath 20 degrees Celsius and therefore a wetsuit of 4mm thickness is advised. This spot has a lot to offer to advanced surfers and Hossegor ranks high on most surfing lists. Most surfing professionals turn their attention to La Graviere which maintains its reputation as one of the very best barreling beach breaks anywhere on this planet. In fact those brave souls familiar with Hossegor advise first comers to bring a spare board.

3.     Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

There is warm weather surfing conditions and no smothering wetsuit is required and here is a lot of surf especially for surfers of intermediate skill. Once again surf lists look favorably upon Santa Teresa with its long sandy beach and amazingly clear blue water which puts its best foot forward during the month of May. Santa Teresa is widely considered as the best surf town to be found in Costa Rica.

4.     Santander & Somo, Northern Spain

Intermediate surfers will be right at home here as long as they are clothed in a suitable wetsuit of 3 or 4mm thickness in order to successfully counter air temperatures of 18 degree Celsius. Nevertheless, this place is very popular among the global surfing community and surfers should visit Playa Somo on the North coast of Spain which has emerged as one of the most popular surfing spots in Spain and it is also the location of the best waves in the region.

5.     San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

This spot is perfect for beginners and because of the warm climate no wetsuit is needed and air temperatures mostly exceed 30 degrees Celsius. This surf spot get full marks from surf trip finder. The best wave in this region is the one at Playa Maders which is a long stretch of beach break and further out there are some reefs which can make things very exciting for beginners. The surrounding nature is another experience which has to be seen to appreciate.

6.     Ericeira, Portugal

This is another popular spot for beginners although temperatures are on the low side requiring a 4mm wetsuit to keep the cold out. Nevertheless, the spot is very popular among the surfing community and one reason for this is Foz do Lizandro which is a beginner break which ranks as one of the best in Portugal. Surfers should catch this swell on low to mid tide for best results. Visitors will be amazed by the beautiful golden sand on the beach which is the perfect spot to tan after surfing.

7.     Skeleton Bay, Namibia

This beach attracts its fair share of surfers because of its reputation as the best wave location in Namibia. It has a left hand barrel running an astonishing 2.1km along a near perfect sand bank. This is why scores of professional surfers come to Skeleton Bay specifically to experience this amazing wave.

8.     Cabo Ledo, Angola

This is a surfing spot located 125km from Luanda which provide perfect conditions for beginners. Those who know the conditions say that it is best to surf here when the wind is blowing north to south resulting in a swell which is coming from east to north. The surrounding nature is equally breathtaking and worthy of extensive exploration.

9.     Ponto do Ouro, Mozambique

Ponto do Ouro is close to the South African border, therefore not very far from Richards Bay and probably two hours’ drive from Durban. It often happens that a big swell is forecasted and then it is time for surfers to get into the water as quickly as possible. Those who have been there say that Ponto do Ouro is truly amazing and the waves equally so and it is also the perfect opportunity to meet some friendly sharks which are fortunately all on the small side.

10.  Cintsa West, Transkei

This coastline which is incorporated into the Eastern Cape province of South Africa provides some interesting surf spots. At Cintsa west there is a fairly intimidating point break which presents the surfer with a steep take off followed by a short yet very intense barrel. Conditions are perfect with a south west swell and surfers should take to the water at high tide for best results.