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What are the top 25 tips for kitesurfing in Antigua?

1.    Even though Antigua means 'Ancient' in Spanish, the island of Antigua is no less than any other beautiful island in the modern world.

2.    It is a very small island with a coastline of only 87 KM. It is a small place with a lot to offer in the form of amazing beaches and great restaurants.

3.    Even though the island is geographically very small, it has a huge range of beaches that are known for their beauty and surfing spots.

4.    Sailing, fishing, diving, wind surfing, and kite surfing are among the popular sports over in Antigua.

5.     Andre Phillip is a famous Antiguan kite surfer. He is known all around the world for his excellent surfing skills.

6.    Antigua's economy is mostly based on tourism. People near the Caribbean and even other parts of the globe visit this scenic island.

7.    Antigua has a warm atmosphere which makes the surfers flow with the wind. It's ideal for kite surfing from December to April.

8.    Jabberwock Beach stands in suburbs of northern coast of the island, just 3 miles away from the airport. This is why the place attracts a lot of kite surfers.

9.    The wind blows around 12 to 20 knots which makes it a great surfing spot for surfers of all levels.

10.    The waves are suitable for beginners as well as experts. You can also hire an instructor to help you out in the water,

11.    Johnsons point is a great surfing spot. it is advised to surf with a partner here so while you surf your partner can tackle the high waves coming in from the side.

12.    Most of the beach resorts have doors on the backside that lead to white sandy beaches and wavy shores.

13.    If luxury is your lifestyle, then Half Moon Bay is your destination. The Bay is known for its pink crystal sand and stretches 3.3 miles east northeast to Mamora Bay.

14.    The waves and blowing swells make this beach a paradise for surfers. The wind conditions are also perfect.

15.    The crystal clear waters of Green Island are definitely the best spot for kite surfers. The coast is at the mouth of Nonesuch Bay and the wind blows constantly in the area.

16.    There are instructors present on the beach to guide people regarding the pattern of the wind flow. It covers a very small area of 2 miles and is accessible through boats only.

17.    You can also rent a car or a motorboat for exploring and roaming through the beautiful island.

18.    Apart from windsurfing and kite surfing, other activities like snorkeling, helicopter views, and fishing are also popular amongst the locals and foreign tourists.

19.    It is part of the Caribbean and people flew here from different parts of the world like London, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Miami, and Atlanta etc.

20.    There is a wide range of restaurants and food stalls near the coastal area to meet the cravings of the surfers.

21.    Antigua is a relatively warm island and due to the warm weather, the kite surfers spend most of their time surfing in the water.

22.    One of the most famous bars in Antigua is ’Abracadabra’. The unique thing about this bar is that it serves as a restaurant in the day and becomes a night club in the night.

23.    There are also kids clubs for training little ones for kite surfing in a safe environment.

24.    The accommodation facilities at Antigua Island are according to the nature of the island. The rooms are cozy and elegant and give a soothing effect to one's mind.

25.    Antigua inspires kite surfers with its beautiful sceneries, whispering winds, crystal clear waters, luxurious resorts, kite legends, and the warm weather to spend holidays in.