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What are the top 25 tips for kitesurfing in Aruba?

1.    Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean Sea.  It is a constituent country of the kingdom of Netherlands.

2.    It is part of the ABC islands. The ABC islands are compromised of three beautiful islands Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

3.    With a coastline of only 42.56 miles, it is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the world.

4.    Aruba is a very beautiful island and its beauty is one of the main reasons for its popularity as a tourist destination.

5.    Aruba is known to get the most number of repeat tourists as compared to any other islands in the Caribbean,

6.    Aruba is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Caribbean Sea is known for its clean and blue water.

7.    The water off the coast of Aruba is clean and remarkably turquoise which makes the surfing experience much more exciting.

8.    There are many different popular beaches in Aruba that you can visit on your visit to the island.

9.    Due to its amazing wind conditions, the island is a popular destination for windsurfers from all over the world.

10.    Few famous beaches at Aruba are Palm Beach, Malmok beach, Andicuri beach, and Wariruri beach.

11.    The best time for kite surfing on the island is from December to June as the winds are perfect for kite surfing

12.    You can find several trainers on almost all beaches and beach resorts that would be willing to train you in the art of kite surfing

13.    The northwestern coast of the island is considered one of the most popular kite surfing destinations.

14.    The water near the coast is calm and the winds are perfect for beginners who are still in their learning stages.

15.    Aruba has great nightlife. If you are tired of kite surfing all day you can always visit the local night bar or go on a romantic cruise with your partner,

16.    You can also book a package which allows you to have breakfast and lunch on the cruise along with other activities like snorkeling.

17.    You can also take the day off from surfing to go sightseeing. There are lots of beautiful places in Aruba. Some buildings with astounding Dutch architecture still stand on the island.

18.    The blue highway is where all the experts go for kite surfing. The winds are very strong in this part of the sea and that makes it a heaven for experienced kite surfers.

19.    One of the great things about Aruba is that the locals are very friendly and love to take part in water sports.

20.    The water near the coast of Aruba is calm and it is amazing for new surfers to practice and learn the art of kite surfing however as you move away from the coast the winds start to become stronger and it is advised for beginners to stay near the coast

21.    People from all over the world visit Aruba due to its amazing kite surfing conditions. People from the mainland of the Netherlands often visit the island to spend their vacations.

22.    Arikok national park is one of the most prominent places in the country. The three caves of Aruba are also present in this park and you should definitely visit these caves on your trip to Aruba.

23.    You can find a lot of luxurious and elegant beach houses and beach resorts in Aruba just steps away from the ocean.

24.    Aruba is famous for a lot of water sports including kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving and many more.

25.    Aruba has its own kite surf center where surfers from all levels can train to improve their surfing skills.