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What are the top 25 tips for kitesurfing in Barbados?


1.    Barbados is a beautiful place known for its blowing winds. It is one of the more popular islands in the Caribbean.

2.    The wind conditions are great for surfers throughout the year however from November till June the wind blows strongly and attract a lot of kite surfers from all over the world.

3. The wind blows at an average of 15 to 20 knots which makes it a perfect surfing spot for kite and wind surfers.

4.    The turquoise crystal clear water makes it more attractive for tourism. People from over the world visit Barbados every year due to its amazing and awe inspiring beaches.

5.    The Silver Rocks beach and Long beach gained popularity because of their warm and flat water the runs across the reefs. This is the reason both beaches are popular amongst kite surfers.

6.    Silver Rocks Beach, as the name suggests is covered with silver rocks and sand. It is a major kite surfing spot in Barbados.

7.    The reef on the coast of Barbados is responsible for waves as high as 3 meters which are tremendous for surfers.

8.  It is a very windy place and sometimes the wind conditions get very tricky for beginners. Strong winds in Barbados are only suitable for expert surfers.

9.     Wind conditions can change very rapidly so new surfers should always partner up with a trainer or an expert surfer while getting their surfboards ready for some action.

10. You can find several kite surfing schools in Barbados.   There are some very good surfing schools and training center near the Silver Rocks Beach.

 11.  There are several beginner friendly beaches in Barbados however the Long Beach, due to its calm water is a perfect destination for beginner surfers.

12.  Long beach can sometimes get very crowded however in some months the beach is very less crowded and that makes it a perfect spot for surfers who like to surf with a little space for themselves.

13.   Being a beginner friendly beach does not mean that experts cannot get piece of the action here. The waves might be calm but the wind conditions are great for expert surfers as well.

14.    The beautiful scenic view of the beach with turquoise water and turtles all around make it one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

15.   Apart from surfing and other water sports, tourists can also visit other places enriched with local culture.

16.    Barbados is a very popular place for holding World Surfing Championships. The west coast of the island offers a lot of spots where waves are ideal for surfing.

17.   When the sun is right above the head at around noon, the conditions are perfect for foiling on high tides and surfing in the low tides.

18.    Barbados is not only famous for water sports but it has plenty of other things to offer as well. It has amazing spots not only for surfers but also for people who have an interest in natural beauty.

19.    The white sandy beaches along with palm trees and turtles make Barbados a very beautiful and exhilarating place for foreign tourists.

20.    A range of rolling hills can be found in central Barbados, where nature meets history. Rolling hills are also a great residential area.

21.    Even though Barbados is a windy place there aren’t many flat water spots in the area.

22.    There are a few kite boarding schools on its beaches like Endless Kite boarding, Lineup Kite and Surf School.

23.     Like the other Caribbean Islands, Barbados is also a bit expensive. So if you are on a light wallet you should opt for a place far from the main coastal areas.

24. The beaches in Barbados are beautiful and lively with a lot of spots for fishing, surfing, shopping, and eating and for enjoying nightlife.

25. Few of the best beaches in Barbados are in Bridgetown, Bathsheba, Holetown, Speightstown, Oistins, Mullin, Saint Lawrence Gap and many more.