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What are the top 25 tips for kitesurfing in Icaraizinho, Brazil?

1.    Icaraizinho is one of the most delightful and beautiful places along the northern coast of Brazil.

2.    It is a small fishing village with lots of entertaining activities for the locals and for foreign tourists.

3.    It is a relatively less crowded area than most of the other beaches in Brazil.

4.    Icaraizinho is also a great place for family trips. You can visit the beach with your family for an exciting and fun experience.

5.    Icaraizinho is known as the small sister village to the more popular Jericoacoara which is in the south of Icaraizinho.

6.    The village of Icaraizinho has some of the most amazing beaches with clean and clear blue water.

7.    There is an abundance of coconut palm trees in Icaraizinho due to which the beaches look even more stunning

8.    The wind conditions are ideal for all kinds of surfers. i.e. normal surfers, and kite surfers.

9.    The waves in most of the surfing spots are strong but overall the waves are very calm, which makes Icaraizinho suitable for all levels of surfers.

10.    There are several different surfing schools and training centers at almost all major beaches where you can either learn the basics of master the art of surfing.

11.    You can also hire personal trainers who are well experienced surfers. These surfers can give you individual lessons on surfing.

12.    If you want to take a break after a hectic surfing day in the water. you can enjoy other local entertainments.

13.    The beach in Icaraizinho offers an amazing sunset view. So if you want to have a romantic sunset moment with your loved one Icaraizinho is the place to be.

14.    Icaraizinho has a lot of night bars and amazingly good restaurants. You can also go sightseeing.

15.    You can enjoy a lot of different water related sports and activities in Icaraizinho including kite surfing, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling and many more.

16.    This area of Brazil has one of the most reliable winds in the world. This makes it a perfect kite surfing spot

17.    There is a very strong wind in the last four months of the year which is great for all types of surfers.

18.    The water on the coast of Icaraizinho is shallow and the beaches are beautiful and sandy in Icaraizinho

19.    Surfing is very popular amongst the locals here as well. The locals are very welcoming towards tourists.

20.    You can easily find a beach resort a few minutes away from the seashore. These resorts can be found at a wide range of prices.

21.    Icaraizinho gained high popularity in the last few years. It was not a well known tourist destination before that.

22.    As it gained popularity in the near past, the beach in Icaraizinho is still relatively less crowded than most of the other beaches in Brazil.

23.    Low tides make it one of the best surfing spots for beginners and freestylers.

24.    If you are a foreign tourist and you don’t have your surfing equipment with you then don’t worry because you can buy the equipment from respective local water sports shops.

25.    It is advised for tourists to combine their holidays in Icaraizinho with other nearby villages to enjoy a full Brazilian experience.