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What are the top 25 tips for kitesurfing in Prea-Jericoacoara, Brazil?


1.    Prea is a small fishing village and one of the most beautiful and charming places in Brazil.

2.    It is considered as one of the windiest places not only in Brazil but also in the entire world.

3.    The amazing wind conditions in Prea make it an amazing destination for hundreds of kite surfers from all over the world.

4.    The kite surfing trend started here in the 1980s but with time Prea has become a significant kite surfing holiday destination.

5.    The beaches here aren’t as crowded as most of the other places in Brazil which makes it a perfect place to learn surfing.

6.    The world’s largest kite surf school is also located in Prea which shows the interest that people of Prea have in Kite surfing.

7.    Jericoacoara is quite easily the most significant and well known kite surfing destination in Brazil.

8.    The beach is mostly quiet throughout the year however from August to December you can see a large number of locals and foreigners surfing and enjoying the water.

9.    Prea and Jericoacoara are located near each other so if you are planning on visiting one of them, try adding the other one on your list too.

10.    You can try a lot of other entertaining water related activities here like diving, snorkeling, waterskiing and many more

11.    If you want to take a break after a long and hectic day in the water, you can also go sightseeing and experience the local culture to its full extent.

12.    You can also enjoy things like sand boarding, horseback riding and even a tasty BBQ meal at the beach.

13.    There are night bars at almost all major beaches In the area. You can enjoy some drinks along with some traditional Brazilian music.

14.    As mentioned earlier, world largest kite surf school is located in Prea so if you are a beginner who is still trying to learn a trick or two, you should definitely get yourself enrolled in one of the training programs.

15.    If you are a foreign tourist who forgot to bring his surfing equipment and gear then don’t worry. You can find several different shops near the beach that sell surfing equipment and wet suits.

16.    Prea beach is a perfect spot for kite surfers however there are many other beautiful beaches in the area as well.

17.    Formosa Beach, Arpoeiras Beach, Farol beach, Aranau beach, Volta Do Rio beach, and Espraiado beach are some of the other popular beaches in the area.   

18.    Other than Jericoacoara beach, other famous beaches in the Jericoacoara area are Lagoa Azul and Malhada beach.

19.    There is an abundance of beachfront restaurants in these areas which enhance your entire Brazilian beach experience.

20.    These beaches are family friendly beaches, you can even visit them with your family to enjoy a warm summer evening under the sun.

21.    The water is relatively calm and wind conditions are ample for kite surfers of all types and levels.

22.    A little farther from the coast, the waves start to get tricky and the winds start to get stronger so beginners are advised to surf in areas close to the coast.

23.    Over the years, a lot of different water sports competitions, especially surfing competitions have been held in Prea and Jericoacoara.

24.    The main beach in Prea is around 15 Km long which makes it perfect for kite surfers who don’t like to surf in small congested water space.

25.    It is also a major stop in the international kite surfing tour. Surfers from all over the world join this tour to enhance their international surfing experience.