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What are the top 25 tips for kitesurfing in Sal, Cape Verde?

1. Sal is a Portuguese word which means Salt. It is an island in the northern group, Barlavento of Cape Verde islands.

2. The population estimated of Sal is around 35,000. People like Creole, Mulatto, African, Portuguese and many other ethnic groups live there.

3. Monte Grande is the highest point on Sal, Cape Verde. It is a mountain present in the northern part of the island, a protected and valuable location.

4. Espargos is the capital city of Sal. Espargos is Portuguese word, meaning "Asparagus" which is a vegetable that grows in the sandy areas of Sal. 

5. In the north-eastern part of Sal, there is a village called Pedra de Lume which has a small port and sand ponds. It is famous for its sand ponds visited by tourists.

6. There is a Shark Bay on the island of Sal, where you can visit to see the Beautiful sharks swimming around. There's no need to worry they aren't the kind to eat humans but it is a memorable experience.

7. If you're looking for party adventures then you can hit to the beach clubs where artists perform under the sky.

8. Sushi platter or T-bone steak is a must try at the beaches along with other delicious cuisines.

9. Olho Azul in Buracona is a beautiful tourist attraction in Sal surrounded by giant rocks and water underneath. When the sunlight hits the water it turns turquoise blue creating a blue eye which is worth the visit.

10. Santa Maria is a fishing village with colourful buildings and palm trees giving it an African touch. Kite surfing views can be enjoyed from there.

11. If you have an interest in music Santa Maria nightlife is a night filled with music to enjoy and have an adventurous time.

12. Beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy sport activities on Sal Island are Praia de Santa Maria, LontaPreta Beach, and Praia Antonio Manuel Sousa.

13. Beach volley, football, basketball, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, futsal, water polo are the common sports on Sal island.

14. Mostly kite surfing and windsurfing takes place in Santa Maria on Sal.  Sal is the famous place on Cape Verde for kite surfing and windsurfing.

15. Kite surfing is a popular sport, a combination of many water and wind sports. Riding on an advanced surfboard with a kite, while the wind carries it.

16. The dream of riding through waves can be full filed on the Sal Island. Best wind patterns, clean atmosphere, and guides are provided to make your dream come true on a kite board.

17. You can enjoy refreshments from the bar on the beaches while you watch the adventurous people kite surf. Watermelon drink is believed to be popular with the combination of sunshine and calming water.

18. If you feel like joining the adventure but have never tried the sport, there are instructors who are friendly and professional enough to help you have an amazing experience.

19. Even though Sal is mostly desert, green vibes can be enjoyed there as well.  Viveiro Botanical Garden is a beautiful place with palm trees, flowers and a mini zoo.

20. Diving can be enjoyed in the crystal clear water with the beautiful marine life. There are trainers to help you enjoy the experience. 

21. If you're tired from all the water activities you can enjoy horse rides on Santa Maria beach under the sunset having a beautiful experience. 

21. Religious sites, churches, shops, amazing luxury hotels, apartments, sports schools everything is available on the Sal Island to enjoy.

22. At night turtle sightseeing takes place. Your guide will give you information about the turtles on your way as you watch them laying their eggs under the night sky.

23. You can enjoy a trip of Santa Maria in a rugged island buggy with a guide who takes you to the local mirage and Serra Negra nature reserve.

24. There is a desert on the island that is compared to Mars. If you're feeling adventurous you can enjoy a ride on a quad bike along the surface.

25. The weather of Sal, Cape Verde is quite pleasant. Cool wind, makes it easier to stretch your backs under the sun. The sea temperature is considered perfect for water sports.