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What are the top 25 tips for surfing Hossegor, France?

Hossegor is clearly the vague potential for surfing, a bit like a ski resort. Indeed, like the difficulty ranking system of the mountain slopes, and depending on the spots (reference place for surfing), we have waves for the beginner as for the surfer confirmed. Capbreton and Seignosse are the two communes that surround Hossegor and you can also move on certain spots depending on the conditions of the moment.

Below are some facts about surfing in Hossegor Capbreton;

1. The sand that constitutes the sandbanks conducive to breaking waves constantly moves, and sometimes the good surfing session is on the beaches of Capbreton and Seignosse.

2. The main surf spots in the commune of Hossegor are in order and from south to north: the south, the central beach, the north, the gravel pit and the empty cul-de-sacs.

3. The southern spot is considered as a learning spot, its exposure to the summer swell and its sandbanks makes it an ideal site for learning.

4. Easily accessible at low tide, beginner surfers can quickly learn the basics and especially with the opportunity to surf very quickly real waves (waves that have not yet swept).

5. The spot of the south is also a spot of withdrawal by big sea. It is rare not being able to surf in the south.

6. The spot of the central takes its name from the central beach, at the foot of the Landes square of Hossegor.

7. Depending on the time of the year, you can find a sandbank that works at low tide and high tide.

8. The wave can then be very accessible, even for beginners in surfing, or become very technical with pretty tubes.

9 If уоu want the rеаl surf experience on the Hossegor, уоu need to visit during the winter season as the swells are more during winter.

10. The spot of the north is a wave of legend that lies off the central beach.

11. This wave begins to work when the swell exceeds two meters. This swell abuts on the sandbar installed, which particularity does not move almost from one winter to another.

12. The wave thus provoked works up to five meters, which makes it a wave of reference of the surfer wholesale.

13. In the summer, since the swells are less present, it is rarer to see it walking to its full potential, but the north awakes anyway, four to five times.

14. The spot of the gravel pit, to the north of the plant, begins with the blockhouse as apparent and up to 500 meters to the north.

15. The spot of the gravel pit is a beach that has its own parking and its own entrance to the beach.

16. The gravel pit takes its name from the presence of gravel at the foot of a very compact sandbar.

17. The gravel pit wave is world famous and it is in most years the spot chosen by the organizers of the French stage professional surf tour. It's a tubular wave, powerful and technical.

18. To surf the gravel pit, you must have already acquired solid surfing bases.

19. The beach of empty asses is the northernmost beach of Hossegor and bears his name because it is also a nudist beach.

20. Over time, textiles and neoprene have taken over. It is a bit wilder beach with excellent surf conditions during small to medium waves.

21. The large sand plateaus can have long waves but in return, you must row, row, row.

22. There are other beaches and secret spots in Hossegor on the 6km beach, with less obvious access and therefore fewer people in the summer.

23. In Hossegor Capbreton, the beginner wishes to learn and the experienced wishes to improve on one of the best waves in the region.

24. It is opened to surfers of any level.

25.  Thanks to a lot of different waves that break on this spot, it allows to share the line-up with more people and therefore more chance to have a good session.