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What are the top 30 tips for surfing in Bali?

1.     For Asian surfers the place of choice is Bali which is drawing more visitors every year.

2.     This is an Asian destination which delivers with its luxury surf resorts and surf camps.

3.     There are many who come just to swim on the amazing beaches in this great location.

4.     The weather conditions are very consistent all year round with warm temperatures.

5.     Surfing enthusiasts will be happy to learn that the surf at Bali is always very consistent.

6.     The locals staying in this wonderful place are mostly Hindus and they are very friendly.

7.     They are very happy when visitors take time to learn about their culture and traditions.

8.     Although the surf at Bali is very consistent April to November produces the best waves.

9.     Taking this in consideration can really help surfers to plan the best surfing vacation ever.

10.  During the peak season it is normal to encounter waves of as high as twelve feet.

11.  The reason Bali have become the surfing mecca of Asia is because it has so many surfing spots.

12.  Those surfers visiting in January and February could encounter heavy afternoon rain.

13.  For those who don’t mind the rain, the surf is still amazing and the beaches mostly deserted.

14.  However, April to November is the dry season and remains the most popular surfing periods.

15.  There are many surfing schools in Bali training kids, newbie adults and professional competitors.

16.  Some of the popular surf training locations are Echo beach, Berawa, Old Man’s and Batu Bolong.

17.  For most people visiting Indonesia Bali is certainly one of the best known Island destinations.

18.  The surfing communities talk among themselves and Bali is considered a world class surf spot.

19.   Bali is famous for its reefs, its points, slabs and many beaches and it’s a great exploration base.

20.  From Bali many other excellent tourist attractions can be reached without neglecting the surf.

21.  Surfers know there are a lot of excellent surfing spots on the southern end of the Island of Bali.

22.  Start in the North West at the village of Canggu right down to Keramas surfing all along the way.

23.  Everywhere in between at Kuta and the Bukit Peninsula you will find quality surfing conditions.

24.  One of the biggest surf towns in the world is Kuta in Bali; every surfing brand is available here.

25.  There is more than enough entertainment options such as night clubs, café’s and surf bars.

26.  Kuta is a very serious surfing destination but it is also a place that knows how to party.

27.  Some of the best restaurants and hotels on the planet can be found at Seminyak.

28.  Seminyak is only a few kilometers north of Kuta and is perfect for all levels of surfers.

29.  The Antarctic with its polar forces exert a lot of influence on Bali enhancing surfing conditions.

30.  Especially the southeast and south west coastal areas produce dozens of excellent surfing spots.

31.  Bali is a must see surfing location for all levels of surfing enthusiasts.