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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Chile?

1.    Chile is one of the most uniquely shaped countries in the world. It is located in the continent of South America.

2.    Chile has a coastline of 6435 KM. The country's shape is very narrow and the majority of the country lives near the coast.

3.    The country has very warm weather. Sun shines throughout the year which makes it a popular tourist destination for people who want to have a good summer time.

4.    One of the most beautiful places in Chile is Bahia Inglesa. This place is known famous for water sports like surfing kayaking sailing and windsurfing.

5.    Easter Island is a very beautiful Chilean island. It is known for its white sand beaches and coconut trees. You would the famous Moai statues here as well. The waves off the coast are calm and perfect for surfing and diving.

6.    Caleta Cóndor Beach is a somewhat isolated beach and can only be reached by trekking your way towards it. The beach is usually less crowded which makes it an awesome place for surfing.

7.    Playa Grande is One of the best beaches in Chile. The water here has good swell and waves can get pretty large which is why it is an excellent place for surfing.

8.    Beaches in Chile are beautiful and alluring and can act as a perfect spot for families and friends to hang out.

9.    Chile is not just famous for its water sports and beauty, it is also well known for being one of the few countries with natural habitats for penguins.

10.    If you are traveling to Chile then don’t forget to check out local flora and fauna. You can also visit historical and other famous sites while you stay there. The country is very narrow which makes everything close to the beach.

11.    Cole Cole beach is an amazing beach with golden sand. The water has some good current however the temperature of the water is pretty low which makes the water freezing cold.

12.    If you are out in Chile with your friends for a relaxing and surfing session then you should head to Playa el Luacho in Arica. The sun is perfect for a relaxing session while the water is ideal for surfers.

13.    Vina Del Mar also known as the Garden City is no less than a piece of paradise on earth. It is a beautiful city with some amazing white sand beaches.

14.    As the country is narrow and the majority of the people live near the ocean, there are very few deserted beaches in the country.

15.    While your visit to Chile Don’t forget to visit or climb the world’s tallest active volcano near Copiapo. The length of the volcano is 6893M.

16.    Biggest waves in the country can be found off the coast of beaches located in the central part of Chile.

17.    The beaches in the northern areas have the strongest waves which make it a perfect spot for surfing.  Surfers from all over the world travel to the northern parts of Chile to surf in these strong conditions.

18.    Northern beaches of Chile are usually very crowded and a lot of surfers try their luck in the water however it is advised for beginners to be careful while getting in the water here.

19.    Water is relatively warm in the northern part of the country however the temperature decreased in southern and central Chile. The water gets relatively cold and difficult to surf on.

20.    Ritoque is a very popular place among Chilean surfers. hundred of foreign surfers also visit Ritoque every year. The waves in Ritoque can hit as high as 7 meters.

21.    Pichilemu is located near the capital city of Santiago and Is believed to be the best place to surf in Chile. Highest waves recorded here at 6 meters. 

22.    Pichilemu is perfect for all types of surfers as it offers a variety of waves to surf on. It is an ideal surfing spot for beginners and experts.

23.    Chileans love to surf. The Chilean government holds national surfing championships every year where expert surfers show their class while beginners try to make a mark in their own way.

24.    Playa Gringo is a very popular destination amongst American surfers. The place got its name due to a large number of American surfers visiting the place every year.

25.    As Chile is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world, most big beaches have affiliated themselves with surf schools which help new learners to become better surfers.