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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Denmark?

1.    The Kingdom of Denmark is the southernmost Scandinavian country and one of the most beautiful and cleanest countries in the world.

2.    The Kingdom’s coastline stretches to a whopping 7000 Kilometer. The coastline is full of exotic and exhilarating beaches and resorts.

3.    Water sports are very famous in Denmark. Their love for water can be traced back to the time of the Viking as the Vikings were considered as a strong naval force.

4.    Beaches and coastal areas in Denmark are always crowded this is due to the fact that Danish people love visiting the beach and also due to the fact that the water is never far away from the land. No matter where ever you are in the country you wouldn’t have to drive more than 50 KM to reach the coast.

5.    Denmark is a popular tourist destination and surfers from all over the world visit the country every year to add to their surfing experience

6.    The main surfing area off the coast of Denmark is in the North Sea where the waves are calm and can be easily surfed by all levels of surfers

7.    The west coast of Denmark gets the hardest and strongest waves. The waves can get as high as 6ft in these waters. This is a perfect surfing spot for expert surfers

8.    Denmark is a relatively small country and it is very difficult to find beaches that are not crowded. Hundreds of people visit the beaches every day.

9.    The beaches in Denmark have a very good vibe to them. Danish beaches are an excellent place for friends and family to relax and hangout

10.    Sondervig beach is considered as one of the best beaches in the world. It was voted in Denmark as the best beach in the country. The wind is strong and waves are perfect for a surfing session

11.    Romo beach is a beautiful beach with dazzling blue water. It is a popular spot for Windsurfing.

12.     Denmark has the world’s most child-friendly beaches which offer an amazing family friendly vibe.

13.    If you don’t like to surf you can always relax under the shades while your friends compete with each other on their surfboards.

14.    If you are a foreign surfer in Denmark then don’t forget to visit other tourist destinations like the little mermaid statue or castles from the early Christian era

15.    The water on the west coast is harsher than the water on the east coast. It would not be wrong if you call it the wild west as the waves occur with extreme intensity and pressure

16.    The water is a bit calmer on the east coast of Denmark. The beaches on the east coast are calm and family friendly. The waves in these beaches are ideal for new surfers.

17.    The island of Bornholm is known to have the most suitable waves to surf on. The waves are suitable for all levels of surfers.

18.    If you want to have a great surfing experience in Denmark then you should definitely visit in the months of September October or November

19.    Agger is home to several different sandy beaches.  The waves here are strong and heavy and provide a perfect opportunity for surfers to their skills in the water

20.    Hvide Sande is a surfer’s paradise.  It is amazing for all levels of surfers however it can sometimes become a challenge for beginners.

21.    You can also find surf trainers at Hvide Sande who would be more than happy to help you improve your surfing skills.

22.    Hvide Sande is also a very popular spot for kite surfers. The wind is pretty good in this part of the country and makes it an ideal spot for Kite surfing.

23.    Klitmoller is basically a surf town. Surfing gained popularity In this area around 1980. Kittlmoter has also hosted international surfing competitions in the past.

24.    Hanstholm is a popular surfing spot and an even popular area for the fishery. The waves are strong and create an ideal environment for surfing however the odor from the fish factories might make you want to move to another beach.

25.    Every year a surfing festival called 'surf joint' is held in Klitmoller where visitors can get entertained by DJ, concerts, film festival, BBQs and surfing competitions. More than 1000 people attend this festival every year.