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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is the ultimate destination for wind sports. It is very popular among surfers, whatever your level, novice or expert, there is a range for your favorite activity. After daytime surfing, the beach becomes a nighttime entertainment spot to relieve the muscles.

Below are some beaches and facts about surfing in Dominican Republic;

1. In the Dominican Republic, the beaches of the Atlantic coastline offer winds and waves of dreams all year long.

2. The waves of Playa Caribe, about 10 minutes east, are stormy around noon, making this beach a paradise for body surfing. The young people of Santo Domingo love surfing these waves at the weekend.

3. In Punta Cana, the place to go is scenic Macao Beach. There is a highly rated surf school that is especially active on weekends.

4. The Playa Bahoruco is a small beach, with white pebbles, particularly popular with surfers because of its large waves.

5. Playa Bonita is as pretty as its name suggests - a welcoming white sand beach, crescent-shaped, lined with boutique hotels, villas and restaurants.

6. The west end of the Playa Bonita beach is as quiet as a pool, while the east side offers active waves for the adventurous.

7. Playa Caribe is a half-moon-shaped beach which attracts surfers and body board lovers on weekends, flocking to the capital looking for some action in the waves.

8. You'll find top surfing schools right on the beach, ready to take you out to the waves at Encuentro.

9. In true surfing tradition, the best time to catch waves in the Encuentro is in the early morning.

10. Playa Grande is a wide, two-kilometer-long (one mile) beach, known for its swells.

11. Playa Grade is good for surfers and undertows in the winter, requiring extra care by not going too far off shore.

12. Playa Las Galeras is a beautiful white sand stretch which is good for surfing on its western side.

13. Like most beaches in Barahona, the Playa Los Patos beach has more water than sand, and is popular with surfers. On the other side of the beach is Los Patos River, where a wide natural pool attracts locals.

14. Playa Macao is easily one of the Dominican Republic's top-five most stunning beaches, its mega-wide swells, makes Playa Macau a surfer's favorite.

15. Playa Paraíso is striking white beach lining with turquoise waters, whose waves are ideal for experienced surfers.

16. Playa San Rafael is the signature Barahona pebble stone beach that combines mountain views with waterfalls and cascades that run all the way to the shore, where the San Rafael River meets the Caribbean Sea. Surfers find waves here, especially in the morning.

17. Barahona is a prime destination for serious surfers.

19. The recommended beaches in Barahona are Barranca, Bahoruco, Ciénaga, San Rafael, Paraíso and Los Patos.

20. Several surfing events organized by the Dominican Surfers Federation are held in the Barahona.

21. Surfers of all levels flock to Playa Encuentro to learn from the best instructors.

22. On the Samaná peninsula, in Las Terrenas, you will find surfing spots in Playa Bonita.

23. Playa Buen Hombre is known for its intense waves along this wild Atlantic coastline.

24. Playa Guayacanes boasts a scenic white sand beach which attracts surfers of all level.

25. The waves of Playa Paraíso is intense and not suitable for beginners.