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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in El Salvador?

El Salvador is a small country in Central America between Guatemala and Honduras. The country boasts 320 kilometers of coastline and has some excellent surfing spots that makes it an ideal surf trip destination.

Below are some facts about surfing in El Salvador;

1. In El Salvador, surfing is 365 days a year and the water never drops below 27 ° C. The best season runs from February to October.

2. Localism is not very present in El Salvador. Local surfers are rather proud to see people traveling from afar to surf at home.

3. Punta Roca at La Libertad which is considered world class, is the best known break point of the country, but there are other good ones too.

4. The majority of Salvadoran waves are powerful break points that open and unwind in long straight lines.

5. To enjoy these highly coveted waves, head to the world class spot of Punta Roca, the village of El Tunco or even more wild spots where you will be almost alone in the water!

6. On the climate side, El Salvador is located in a tropical area where temperature variations are low.

7. El Salvador is rich in many beaches of clear sand and a marvelous view on the island.

8. The best season to visit El Salvador is the end of the year which coincides with the dry season, but the best waves break from May to September during the rainy season.

9. There are many surf camps in El Salvador where you can meet other surfers and have fun.

10. In El Salvador, the tide does not affect the waves. These always start at the same point to form long lines very popular with surfers around the world.

11. The water level is high and the spot can quickly be crowded.

12. From October to April, the dry season offers visitors very pleasant weather conditions. The weather is nice, it's hot, the water is clear and the waves are good!

13. Experienced surfers will prefer the rainy season from May to September with more powerful and consistent waves. Note that the water is muddy in rainy season because of flooded rivers.

14. Punta Roca, accessible from the village of La Libertad, is a very fast right, where international competitions take place. You will not be alone in the water but it's worth it.

15. For beginner and intermediate levels, many surf camps have made their home in El Tunco, a little local town which has become the reference for surfing in El Salvador.

16. El Tunco is a trendy destination, which is very popular in El Salvador and this gives it the tendency of being very crowded.

17. Go to the water early in the morning to avoid the crowd, on the spots of Bocana, Bocanita or El Zuncal, depending on your level.

18. El Zuncal wave is very popular with long boarders.

19. On the east coast of the country, the most famous spots are Punta Mango and Las Flores. A little more expensive than their neighbors, they offer excellent surfing conditions.

20. It is easy to move from one spot to another in El Salvador thanks to the "chicken bus", these American school buses repainted and used by locals and tourists for daily trips.

21. In El Salvador, the tide is high early in the morning, you should take advantage of the offshore wind that disappears in the late morning.

22. El Tunco beach break produces perfect waves for beginners.

23. Schedule your sessions in the morning when the offshore wind is smooth and digs the waves, to make the most of it.

24. The water is hot and the surf works all year round.

25. It is important to note that the period of the year, from October to April, the sun is very aggressive.