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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Hikkaduwa?

What was a simple fishing village is now one of the premiere surfing locations in all of Sri Lanka. Idyllic, beautiful, and brimming with adventure, you’ll be taken in by this gorgeous setting. Here are 25 facts and tips on surfing when in Hikkaduwa.

1.     Highly Developed: The town features great accommodations, excellent food, and plenty of things to do both on and off the waves.

2.     Watch Your Step: There are great waves, but also coral and shallow reefs, so surf at high tide when possible.

3.     Tsunami Museum: You can discover first-hand accounts from survivors of the 2004 tsunami at this stunning museum.

4.     Giant Buddha: Just north of the town, the people of Japan put up the Buddha after the 2004 tsunami.

5.     Best Beginner Beach: Try the North Jetty, which offers sandy bottoms and gentle waves perfect for first-timers.

6.     Next Best Beginner Beach: The Beach Break is a close second to the North Jetty. Sandy and calmer for easy surfing.

7.     Kalla Bongo Lake Resort: Switch your surfboard for a canoe and paddle the shores of this beautiful lake.

8.     Close to Colombo: You can reach the capital of Sri Lanka in less than three hours along the expressway.

9.     For Experienced Surfers: Try Benny’s, a left hander reef break with 6-foot waves.

10.  Easy Rentals: You’ll find plenty of surfboards to rent, so you do not have to bring your own.

11.  Easy Exchange: There are plenty of places to exchange currency along with many ATMs.

12.  Good Beach for Everyone: The Main Reef offers both right and left handers and a deep reef which is safe.

13.  Three National Marine Parks: One of which is located in the middle of Hikkaduwa. You can visit them between surfing sessions.

14.  Scuba Diving: In addition to surfing, there are excellent places to scuba dive off the coast.

15.  Long-Term Travelers: You’ll find plenty of people who have stayed in Hikkaduwa for months at a time. It’s that popular a location with year-round excellent weather.

16.  Long Stretches of Beaches: Even though plenty of people visit the area, the long beaches make it easy to find your own spot.

17.  Nightlife: After a day on the surf, you can choose from several restaurants, nightclubs, and other venues for entertainment.

18.  Ocean View Cottage: If you want to sleep in peace, the Ocean View Cottage is a little out of the way, but worth it.

19.  Watch Out for the Highway: If Hikkaduwa has one fault, it is the highway down the middle of the town. So, be careful when crossing the highway. There are plans to move the highway outside of town.

20.  Fast Transport: You can choose public with busses or go with jeeps, transports, and tuk-tuks. Choose what works best for you.

21.  Great Shopping: As with any great tourist destination, you’ll find excellent shopping in Hikkaduwa.

22.  Sea Turtles: When on the waves, you’ll see plenty of sea turtles. You’ll also find them along the beaches when they lay their eggs.

23.  Shopping: For more shopping, try the nearby town of Ambalangoda, which is filled with antiques and other local items.

24.  Top Secret: A great place for breakfast, Top Secret will get you ready for surfing.

25.  Stay a Week: With plenty of surfing options, a couple of days is just not long enough to fully experience Hikkaduwa.