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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in India?

1. India is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area.  The Indian Peninsula is surrounded by the mighty Indian Ocean.

2. It has a coastline of above 7500 KM which makes it a perfect country for remarkable beaches and exhilarating surfing experience.

3. The Indian state of Goa is one of the most visited places in the country. It is situated on the west coast of the country.

4. The State of Goa is a hub for India's tourism industry and is known for its exquisite nightlife, 17th-century European architecture and lovely beaches.

5. Baga Beach is one of the most famous beaches in India. It is known for its activities like kayaking, jet skiing and most importantly surfing.

6. Another state known for its lively beaches is the State of Kerala, located in the southern part of the country.

7. Water around the Indian peninsula is warm and is a perfect spot for surfers, especially in the summer times.

8. The largest surfing waves can be seen around the monsoon season in between May and September.

9. If you feel like taking a break from enjoying in the water, you can always take a trip to see historical sites like Taj Mahal or the Red Fort.

10. The Sub Continent has been ruled by many different empires and dynasties which is why you would find a lot of World Heritage Sites in India.

10. Even though the country is surrounded by water on three sides, the majority of the water related activities happen on the west coast.

11. Two of the most populated cities in India are New Delhi and Mumbai. Where Delhi is a landlocked city, the coastline is just a few Kilometers away from the center of Mumbai.

12. Surfing is a relatively new sport in India. Surfing might not be popular with the locals of India however India is loved as a surfing destination by many of the surfers from foreign countries.

13. The water is mostly warm, the sun is always shining and the current is always low which makes it perfect to surf or spend some time with family at the beach.

14. The first ever surf school in India was founded in the year 2004 and that was done by two American surfers.

15. Mantra Surf Club in the city of Mulki is the first ever surf school in India and has a collection of amazing and unique surfboards of different sizes.

16. Beaches in Mulki have warm water throughout the year and they are not as crowded as the beaches in Goa. This makes Mulki a perfect spot for beginners.

17. The State of Tamil Nadu is not just famous for its local movie industry but also for its magnificent beaches especially in the town of Mahabalipuram.

18. The famous explorer Vasco da Gama reached India in May 1498.  The coast where he stepped foot off the ship is now known as Kappad Beach.

19. Kappad Beach is located in the Indian state of Kerala and is a very popular tourist destination. You can find some amazing resorts and spas around the beach.

20. Marina Beach in the State of Tamil Nadu is also a very popular tourist destination. Thousands of people visit this beach daily. It is one of the few places in India where the water is rough and it is advised that only experienced surfers should get in the water.

21. Over the years windsurfing has also gained a lot of popularity in India. Kanyakumari is a perfect destination for windsurfers as it is considered as one of the windiest places on Earth.

22. Kovalam Beach is known for its low current and calm water. Not many tourists visit this beach however it is known to have relatively cheaper accommodation as compared to other famous beaches in India.

23. India is a large country with lots of popular tourist destinations. Other than the beaches you can also visit local parks, historical sites and surprisingly beautiful waterfalls.

24. Dudhsagar Falls in Goa are a treat to watch. The water in the waterfall looks extremely white which is why it is attributed to milk. The term Dudhsagar actually means sea of milk in the local language.

25. While you are in India, it would be tragic if you don't visit the local markets and try out some spicy local food.