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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Mozambique?

1. The Republic of Mozambique is located in South East Africa and borders several countries like Zambia and South Africa. It also shares a Maritime border with countries like Madagascar.

2. The total coastline of Mozambique is well above 2000 KMs and borders the mighty Indian Ocean on the eastern side of the country.

3. The continent of Africa has been in turmoil for quite some time now however Mozambique has remained relatively stable than most of the other African countries.

4. Over the years the country has seen rapid growth in GDP. This is because of the country's stability and the growing tourism industry.

5.  Even though the country has a low tourism rate at the present times, it is expected to grow over the years as the country gains more stability.

6. You can find many different beaches on your visit to Mozambique. Its above 2000 KM coastline is home to many beautiful beaches and resorts.

7. Ponta de Ouro is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is a beach just a few kilometers away from South Africa, The beach is also a popular destination for foreigners.

8. Ponta de Ouro is also known as the tip of gold and is famous for its beautiful beach, sea life and diving.

9. Pemba is another beautiful place in the country. It is a  historical port city which was incorporated in 1904.

10. Pemba is a popular destination for tourist and for water sports like surfing, windsurfing, and diving.

11. There are so many beautiful beaches and resorts in Mozambique that it is quite frankly the most underrated tourist destinations in the world.

12. You can also visit some historical sites from the colonial era. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony the remnants can still be found throughout the country,

13. Mozambique is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is because the country is rich with natural reserves of many previous minerals.

14. The capital of the country is Maputo which is a very rich city both culturally and mineral wise. The city is also home to a few of the best beaches in the world.

15. The country lacks roads and bridge infrastructure, however, 4x4 vehicles can be used to reach the beautiful beaches and once you reach your destination you will not even think about the hurdles you faced on the way to the beach.

16. There is no way to fly into Maputo however you can land in Johannesburg and then drive to Maputo. The waves off the coast of Maputo are perfect for surfing.

17. It is still a relatively new tourist destination so there aren't many people on the beaches so it's not as crowded as other surfing destinations in the world

18. Mozambique has few but very beautiful beach resorts.  Pestana Inhaca Lodge, Nyati Beach Lodge,  Dugong Beach Lodge are few of the famous beach resorts in Mozambique

19. WImbi beach Tofo Beach, Zalala Beach and  Nacala Beach are few of country's popular beaches

20. Tofo is sometimes considered as the next Goa which is a bustling tourist destination in India. Tofo is one of the most popular destinations in Mozambique.

21. Tofo is known for its curve beach and water sports especially surfing and diving, the water is ideal for surfing.

22. Diving is also a popular water sport in Tofo. It is due to the fact that there aren't many sharks or other dangerous fish near the coast of Tofo.

23. Barra Beach is another popular destination for surfers and fishermen. The waves off the coast of Barra beach can sometimes get very high so it is advised to be careful before getting in the water.

24. The waves off the coast of Mozambique are good for surfers all year round however the waves are ideal between the months of June to August.

25. If you want to visit Mozambique then the best way is to land in South Africa and then take the road to reach Mozambique however like most other tourists who travel to Mozambique by road don't forget to check out Kruger National park which is one of the largest wildlife parks in the world.