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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in New Zealand?


1.    New Zealand is a very beautiful island country with two main islands and a chain of several hundred smaller islands.

2.    New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The fact that it is totally surrounded by a water body makes it a perfect tourist destination for beach lovers.

3.    Length of Coastline: With a length of above 15000 KMs New Zealand’s coastline is the ninth longest in the world. 

4.    As the entire country is basically an island, there are thousands of small and large beaches throughout the country.

5.    The water along the coast of New Zealand is quite warm, which is perfect for all types of surfers.

6.    If you love to surf the ocean, then New Zealand is one place you should never tick off your list.

7.    New Zealand is heaven for surfers as there is always a chance for you to catch a surfing wave not so far from the coast.

8.    Surfboards made in New Zealand are considered to be one of the best. You can buy surfboards from shops at every prominent beach in the country.

9.    Shipwreck Bay is a ‘must visit’ destination for surfers and for other tourists who want to enjoy a full Kiwi experience.

10.    The ocean has a good current near Shipwreck Bay which is why you can always find a good wave to surf on. It is one of the best surf breaks in New Zealand.

11.    Surfing is enjoyed all over the country however it is more popular in the northern island of the country.

12.    As a surfer, the town of Raglan should be on top of your list for places to visit. Raglan is one of the most visited areas in New Zealand. Most of it is because of its amazing beaches and surfing waves.

13.    Piha Beach situated in Auckland is also a great destination for surfers however due to strong current it is advised that only experienced surfers should get in the water.

14.    While your stay in New Zealand you should also visit Egmont National Park where Mount Taranaki is situated.

15.    The Catlins: Due to the rough nature of the current in this area, only experience and confident surfer should ever think about getting in the water in the Catlin.

16.    Surf Highway 45 is a coastline along the Egmont National Park. You are guaranteed to find good waves in this part of the water.

17.    Northern waters of the north island of New Zealand are ideal for surfers in the first four months of the year (Jan-Apr).

18.    Muriwai Beach is an amazing beach near the city of Auckland. The beach is known for its large black sand dunes.

19.    Another amazing place near the city of Auckland is the Bay of Islands. It is one of the more prominent places in the country popular for fishing and water sports.

20.    Don’t forget to visit beautiful botanical gardens through the country with some beautiful species of birds flying on top.

21.    Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. IT has beautiful rainforest and high mountain and scenery that make it look like a piece of paradise.

22.    If you want to take a break from surfing then you can always visit the different art galleries around the country. Auckland has several different famous art galleries.

23.    One of the most unique places to visit in New Zealand is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. The caves are illuminated by the glow from millions of small glowworms

24.    Other prominent Waimoto caves include Ruakuri caves which are known for their uniquely shaped spiral entrance.

25.    If you love adventure then you should definitely visit White Island. It is New Zealand’s most active volcano and a famous tourist destination.