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What are the top 30 tips for surfing in Praia da Areia Branca and Santa Cruz?

1.     The most beautiful coastlines in Portugal are certainly between Praia da Areia Branca and Santa Cruz.

2.     Therefore it is so remarkable that surfers will find relatively little visitors in this region.

3.     This makes for perfect surfing conditions something which is hard to find elsewhere.

4.     Praia da Areia is only 60 min away from Lisbon and the airport is even closer which is wonderful.

5.     Something which attracts surfers to the region is the prevailing calm and peacefulness found here.

6.     This is an area which successfully exhibits the traditional Portuguese way of life with its unique culture.

7.     In some cases it is easier to do things like the locals do it makes coping easier and saves time.

8.     In these beautiful surroundings the absence of hotel chains or fast food outlets is actually refreshing.

9.     There is no shortage of surfing beaches which accommodates everyone from newbie’s to professionals.

10.  There are several excellent surfing schools in the area which has produced many competitive surfers.

11.  Surfers can also go to Santa Cruz north of Ericeira where there are great beach breaks and big waves.

12.  At this popular spot there is truly something for everyone, there is amazing surf along the coastline.

13.  The Santa Cruz area is a collection of beaches with lots of sand and rather unique names.

14.  Not only is the surrounding scenes picturesque and beautiful but the water are pure and clear.

15.  This is why it is not surprising that Santa Cruz is as popular as a tourist resort and holiday destination.

16.  There are many rocky outcrops and cliffs along the coastline such as the Penedo do Guincho boulder.

17.  The astonishing landmark is thirty meters high with a hundred meter circumference and known to all.

18.  Even more impressive is the fact that it leads to a dome shaped area through which the waves roar.

19.  For the curious Praia de Areia Branca translates to white sand beach something which is easy to understand.

20.  This is very large sandy beach which has become popular among surfers and swimmers.

21.  Life guards are on duty here during the summer months which reduce the risk of drowning for surfers.

22.  From a surfing perspective there is a beach break and also a river mouth with left and right breaks.

23.  Regardless of what time of the year you visit you will find excellent and consistent surfing conditions.

24.  People are often amazed by the amount of un crowded coastline there is in this part of Portugal.

25.  There are some spectacular reefs and dozens of excellent beach breaks enough to satisfy all surfers.

26.  Some of the best surfing spots is of the beaten track and will require extensive exploration.

27.  Most of the beach breaks in Santa Cruz provide excellent swells and this ensures superb surfing.

28.  Santa Cruz can fill up in summer but you mostly have to only walk five minutes to find a secluded spot.

29.  When the offshore winds blow surfing is at its best and also at low tide the swells are bigger.

30.  When the surf is up surfers will still find that even the popular spots attract few surfers.