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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Sao Paulo?

The most populated city in all of Brazil, Sao Paulo is also the home to many surfers who enjoy the waves the year-round. What follows are 25 facts about Sao Paulo and tips on the numerous beaches to visit to get the most out of your surfing adventure.

1.     Best Time of the Year: July and August offer the biggest waves and best time to surf.

2.     Keep Warm: July and August falls in the middle of winter in Sao Paulo, so you might want to bring a wetsuit jacket or rashguard.

3.     Ubatuba: This is known as the “Surf Capital of Sao Paulo” for good reason. There are over 80 beaches and prominent surfing tournaments held here.

4.     Most Crowded Season: The summer months from December to March have the biggest crowds.

5.     Shortboard Heaven: Most surfers in Sao Paulo ride shortboards and given the wave action, that’s a good reason.

6.     Gabriel Medina: The 2014 WSL World Champion is from Maresias, which is not far from Sao Paulo.

7.     Avoid April: April is nice, but also the rainiest which may interfere with your surfing and touring plans.

8.     Natural Setting: There are numerous bays and coves to explore among the many beaches in the area.

9.     If You Love Barrels: Ubatuba offers several incredible beaches with great barrels for surfing.

10.  Good Beginners Beach: Felix beach is great for beginners.

11.  Good Intermediate and Advanced Beach: Try Maresias, which has some powerful waves and excellent challenges.

12.  Best Surfing: Off Itamabuca beach is arguably the best surfing in the area. Great right-handers abound.

13.  Most Secluded Beach: Prumirim is a quiet beach with giant rocks for a spectacular setting and excellent waves.

14.  Praia do Sul: This is a more intimate beach under a canopy of foliage for that perfect getaway when not on the waves.

15.  Most Crowded Beach: Praia Grande is magnificent, which is why the beach is usually crowded. Best to go in the off-season.

16.  Long Beach: Itamabuca is quite popular, but quite long as well. Meaning that even with lots of sun-bathers there is space.

17.  Dramatic Setting: Ubatuba is surrounded by the Serra do Mar mountains, making for a stunning setting as you surf.

18.  Great Barrels: Try Felix beach. Not only will you find great barrels, but the forest is just a few steps away for a grand adventure.

19.  Quebra Mar: While not the best beach, Quebra Mar does offer some good breaks for right and left-handers.

20.  Tombo: A combination of mediocre waves and a crowded beach should put Tombo lower on your list.

21.  Consistent Surf: Even during the summer months, there are waves to surf. Making it a perfect location the year-round.

22.  Samba: Samba is the music of Brazil. There are plenty of live music venues that you can take in when not riding the waves.

23.  Santos: This port town offers an oceanfront garden running along the four-mile beach.

24.  Beautiful Sunsets: Maresias is one of the few beaches in Brazil that faces west, so you can catch the incredible sunsets.

25.  Nightlife: If you want to relax after a long day of surfing, then Ubatuba offers plenty of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants to enjoy.