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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in the Arugam Bay?

Called “A Bay” by the locals, Arugam Bay is the destination in Sri Lanka for surfing. Perfect for surfers of all experiences, the beauty, history, and natural wonder of the region make this a delight for families as well. Here are 25 facts and surfing tips about Arugam Bay.

1.     Best Time to Visit: For surfers, from May to October is the best time with July being the peak.

2.     Yala East National Park: If you tire of surfing, this national park located right next to Arugam Bay offers a splendor of wildlife from elephants to exotic birds.

3.     Right-Handers: For those who love right-handed breaks, Arugam Bay is for you.

4.     Lighthouse: If you work the waves that are near the lighthouse, you’ll enjoy excellent swells.

5.     Shortboards Welcome: The bigger swells that dominate most of the bay are perfect for shortboard lovers.

6.     Reef Break: Near the point of the town, the reef offers lefts and rights along with enough unpredictability to make it adventurous for surfers.

7.     Fast, Clean Waves: The fast waves of the Bay’s reef break area are best suited for intermediate to advanced surfers.

8.     Settle in the South East: This area is a great place to camp because you’ll catch all the action with little travel.

9.     Yalla National Park: Great place to safari when off the waves.

10.  Elephant Rock: Away from the crowds, this is the perfect place for beginners to learn how to surf.

11.  Crocodile Rock: While there is no Elton John, there are powerful waves that provide a great challenge for intermediate to advanced surfers.

12.  Buddhist Temple: If you are interested in experienced some inner peace, there is a Buddhist temple just a few minutes from the bay.  

13.  Baby Point: As the name indicates, this is a great place for beginners along with long-boarders. The sandy bottoms help.

14.  Wear Light Clothing: When not on the waves, it’s advisable to wear light clothing and have plenty of water available. It does get hot from May to September.

15.  May Be Crowded: Arugam Bay has become quite popular, so it is more expensive compared to Indonesia or Bali. Accommodations are cheap, but food and beverages can be expensive.

16.  Beginners Surf in the Morning: The winds generally take time to pick up during the day, so beginners should focus on the morning.

17.  Renting a Tuk-Tuk: This special type of vehicle comes with a driver and enough room for your gear and three passengers. It’s more expensive than renting a vehicle, but not much.

18.  Best Place for Beginners: Of all the places, Whisky Point is the best.

19.  Right Hand Breaks: The Main Point is well noted for its right-hand breaks and moderate waves from 3 to 8 feet.

20.  Mind the Reefs: While the Main Point is great, it also has reefs which can be exposed during low tide, so be careful.

21.  International Surf Competition: The only one held in all of Sri Lanka is at Arugam Bay.

22.  Pottuvil Point: Not consistent, but when the waves come in, they are strong and fast. For intermediate to advanced.

23.  Right Handed Locations: Try Panama and Peanut Farm. The latter offers good protection from the winds.

24.  If You Like Wind: Then Okanda is for you. Exposed, turbulent, and a great view of the Kumana National Park.

25.  Tandori Hut: Enjoy great Indian food after a day of surfing at this location.