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What are the top 25 tips for surfing in Wales?

1. Wales is one of the most beautiful countries in the United Kingdom and borders the Irish Sea to the west and in the north.

2. Culturally it is a very rich country however in terms of size the country is not that large and has a coastline of around 1400 KM.

3.  It neighbors England to the east while the western side of the country is full of exotic beaches and resorts.

4. The most popular sport in the country is Rugby however the Welsh are also very interest in water sports like kayaking, surfing, windsurfing diving and many more,

5. Even though the country Is small in size, it is filled with some of the most marvelous beaches in Europe.

6. Rhossili Beach is an extraordinary beach site. It is the western most beach of the country and is famous for its strong tides. Beginners should try to avoid surfing here.

7, The water is mostly cold in most part of the country still its beaches are a major destination for both local and foreign surfers.

8. Whitesands Beach is an excellent beach for surfers.  Even though the waves can sometimes get very large, the water here is ideal for beginners and learners

9. Almost all major beaches in Wales have surf schools for beginners where they are taught to overcome their fears and master the skill of surfing.

10. Coney Beach has relative calmer tides. It is a good spot for surfing however you will have to wait for a decent wave as the wind there often blows out the surfable waves.

11. The best surf spot at the south of the country is Llangennith. The beach is beautiful and the waves are great for surfing.

12. Cefn Sidan is the longest beach off the shore of Wales. It spreads over 8 miles long and is known for its beautiful landscape. You can have a great surfing experience here.

13. From longest to one of the shortest beaches in Wales. Barafundle Bay is one of the shortest beaches in the world. It is small beach surrounded by Greenland. The beach has also won best beach award in the past.

14. Gwynedd is home to a lot of famous beaches in the country. Aberdovey is one such beach. The beach is a good surfing spot as well as an amazing place to see the sun go down.

15. Broad Haven beach is one of the safest beaches in Wales. The beach is surrounded by small cliffs on both ends and is a safe beach due to the nature of its tidal waves and a relatively cleaner environment.

16. Rest Bay has gained a lot of popularity over the years and it becoming one of the top spots for kite surfing. Kite surfing competitions are also held here.

17. One of the more known beaches in Wales is the Three Cliff Bay, the water here is clean and calm. This is a perfect spot for surfing.

18. Wales is not only famous for its beaches and surfing spots it is also famous for its centuries-old architecture and heritage.

19. If you are visiting Wales then don’t forget to visit some amazing places like parks, museums, castles and many other historical places.

20. Beaches in Walesa re mostly family friendly and you can visit with your family to have a family picnic on a weekend.

21. One might think about things like surfing while talking about beaches however a lot has changed. Young people visit these beaches every day and conduct parties and concerts there.

22. Along with the traditional style of surfing, Wales is a very popular destination for kite and windsurfing. Hundred of surfers visit Wales every year to add Wales to their surfing experience

23. Newgale beach in Saint Brides Bay is a simple family friendly beach. It is ideal for all types of surfers. Beginners should definitely visit Newgale if they want to master the technique of surfing

24. Surfboards can be bought from almost all the major beaches however they can also be bought online or through the respective surf school.

25.  A Cardiff resident Tim Paddock has invented a new type of surfboard which helps him surf the dry hills of Southern Wales. According to Mr. Tim, his board can be used on several different types of terrains.