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What are the top 25 tips for surfing Weligama Bay?

Located in an out-of-the-way area of Sri Lanka, this southern coastal town offers long stretches of sandy white beaches and excellent surfing conditions. Here are 25 facts and tips on surfing when visiting Weligama.

1.     Consistency: If there is one trait that Weligama has on surfing, it is how consistent it is the year-round.

2.     Protected from the Wind: You may find that Weligama is the only place ready to surf when the rest of the island is racked by winds.

3.     Excellent Beginner’s Beaches: If you want to learn how to surf, Weligama is the place to go.

4.     Endless Beaches: You’ll have plenty of places to stretch out under the sun thanks to the long beaches.

5.     Locals Get Priority: The local surfers are nice and friendly, but they do get priority on the waves, so be nice.

6.     Advanced Waves Off the Coast: It may be gentle near the shore, but if you paddle out, you’ll find some excellent waves.

7.     Kabalana: Just 30 minutes north of Weligama, this is a perfect place for beginners and quite clean as well.

8.     Learn from the Best: There are several surf schools in the town, so take your pick and learn to ride the waves.

9.     Mirissa: Just a few minutes from Weligama, this is an incredibly serene beach with palm trees and clear waters.

10.  Right or Left Handed: At Mirissa, you can enjoy right-hander reefs near the rocks or left-handers near the harbor.

11.  Mirissa Right: If you are more advanced, then surf Mirissa Right with plenty of great waves. There are sea urchins, so be careful.

12.  High Season: From September to May, you’ll find the best waves and dryer conditions during this time. However, it will be more crowded.

13.  Low Season: Starting from June, this is when the off or low season begins. It’s rainier, but not much more than during high season. There are less people to contend with, however.

14.  Sandy Bottoms: There are fewer reefs in Weligama, making it perfect for beginners and safe for everyone surfing.

15.  Taprobane: This is a small islet off the coast of Weligama. A perfect spot for beginners to learn how to surf.

16.  Surf the Mornings: It’s cooler during the summer from 6am to 9am along the beach.

17.  Surf the Evenings: After 5pm, it cools down again. Don’t go out during the heat of the day if you can help it.

18.  Bring Water: It can get hot in Weligama, especially during the summer. So, bring water and sunscreen.

19.  The Surfer Surf Camp: Located in Weligama, you can find all the inside information about conditions at this location.

20.  The Tide is High: At high tide, the surfing conditions are superb. However, even at low tide it’s still enjoyable.

21.  Bring Wax: While renting a surfboard is not bad, there is little available wax. So, bring your own and save.

22.  Scooters: If you want to travel a bit from Weligama, renting a scooter is a cheap option. The roads are in good shape along the area.

23.  Sunsets: If you make it to Cape Weligama, stay for the incredible sunset. You will not regret it.

24.  Hangtime Hostel: Arguably the best place to stay in Weligama. It’s vibrant, colorful, and easy on the wallet.

25.  Stay for a While: Many travelers will stay in Weligama for at least a week if not more. There is so much to do here.