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What are the top 30 tips for surfing in Porto, Portugal?

1.     There are some excellent waves in the vicinity of Porto which is popular among surfing enthusiasts.

2.     After Lisbon, Porto is the most important city in Portugal although Porto residents differ on this point.

3.     The rivalry between theses cities also extend to the noble sport of surfing where Porto is slightly ahead.

4.     In fact those surfers, who know Porto well, feel that it may be the best surfing spot in all of Europe.

5.     Porto has gone through a period of regeneration over the last couple of years improving things there.

6.     It is now able to accommodate wealthy visitors with up market bars and fantastic restaurants.

7.     For the surfing enthusiast the extended beaches on both sides of Porto are irresistible.

8.     For many vacationers Porto is not the first choice but rather those towns further south along the coast.

9.     Apparently there is a general assumption the Porto is not quite as sunny as other southern towns.

10.  One again the lack of visitors works in the favor of surfing enthusiasts because there are no crowds.

11.  Nevertheless, summer temperatures can go as high as 28 degrees so actually freezing is unlikely.

12.  Porto should definitely be considered by surfing enthusiast because it has so much to offer.

13.  Just like at other surfing spots in Portugal spring through to autumn usually offers the best conditions.

14.  Matosinhos is the main surfing beach in this area and it’s the best beginner and intermediate spot.

15.  This is why many surfing enthusiasts choose to come here because of the extensive options.

16.  This lovely beach stretches over 1km and it provides some interesting variation for surfers.

17.  There are reef breaks and well as beach breaks of which some is sheltered against large swells.

18.  At Matosinhos beach there are no unexpected surprises, the surf and conditions is very consistent.

19.  People should also visit International beach, a great learning spot which borders the city park.

20.  Surfers come to this spot at all times of the day and night and doing so is considered safe.

21.  A very consistent beach break with great harbor protection and safe conditions can be found at Leca.

22.  Surfers should take time to explore Porto because there are some great beaches around Porto.

23.  Advanced surfers can with some effort find some of the most amazing surfing spots around Porto.

24.  People should also explore the areas south of Porto where there are some amazing surfing spots.

25.  Some remarkable places that deserves mentioning is Miramar and Barra do Porto.

26.  Going further south people will find the towns Esmoriz and Esphino, also great surfing spots.

27.  There are those who feel that these beaches are the most famous surfing areas around.

28.  Three other beaches worth considering for surfing are Baia beach, Blue beach and Silvade.

29.  Surfers will encounter a nice mix here with reef spots and sandy beach breaks for surfers of all levels.  

30.  Some things to look forward to will be to go solo on some long barreling right and left handers.

31.  Whatever you end up doing, there will be more than enough adrenaline induced excitement.